Careers in International Affairs

We live in an increasingly connected global community, where cultural competency and diplomacy are no longer luxuries but necessities.

As an international affairs major at Rollins, you’ll gain the breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding to navigate complex personal dynamics across cultures. You’ll also develop skills—such as analytical thinking, active learning, and complex problem-solving—that the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report listed among the top skills employers will find increasingly important by 2025.

So whether you opt to remain in Central Florida or to work farther afield, you’ll be prepared to succeed personally and professionally.

A World of Opportunity

An international affairs degree from Rollins is your key to advancing your career and unlocking your earning potential.

  • $95K

    Average annual salary for foreign service officers in the U.S.
  • 7,844

    Projected job openings in local, state, and federal government positions in Central Florida by 2030

  • $75K

    Average annual salary for a lobbyist in the U.S.

  • $81K

    Average annual salary for policy analysts in Florida

Top 10 Careers for International Affairs Majors

By finishing your degree in international affairs at Rollins, you’ll gain the analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills necessary to thrive in a range of rewarding careers.

• Communications manager
• Diplomat
• Economist
• Foreign service officer
• International policy analyst
• Lawyer
• Lobbyist
• Marketing manager
• Program manager
• Risk analyst

A international affairs professional checks her phone between meetings.

How I Advanced My Career: Tiffany Jones ’16

Find out how Tiffany Jones ’16 leveraged Rollins’ top-ranked reputation as well as the relationships forged in her international affairs courses to transform her professional path and land the career of her dreams at Google.

Streamlined Admission

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