Deepen your understanding of culture, creative works, and history while gaining the critical skills you need to excel in a range of career paths.

By combining art, history, literature, philosophy, religion, and theater, a humanities degree at Rollins will provide you with the in-demand skills—including critical thinking, initiative, and innovation—endorsed by business leaders around the globe.

Your courses will expose you to the great thinkers who shaped society throughout the course of Western civilization—and understand why they made the decisions they did and the impact they’ve had on the world. So no matter where you want to go after graduation, you’ll be prepared to analyze and interpret motivations, trends, and projected outcomes that are imperative in every economic sector.

Top 3 Reasons to Finish Your Humanities Degree at Rollins

  1. A Cultural Hub

    See the creative works you’re studying come to life at one of hundreds of museums, galleries, theaters, events, and performances in Orlando, including three right on campus—Annie Russell Theatre, the Bach Festival Society, and Rollins Museum of Art.

  2. Conduct Original Research

    You’ll have the opportunity to work one on one with your professor to conduct interdisciplinary research on a topic of your choosing as an independent study or part of your final core course that you can use in grad school applications and leverage in job interviews.

  3. In-demand Skills

    Through the humanities program at Rollins, you’ll gain skills ranging from analysis and critical thinking to creativity and reasoning, which the World Economic Forum listed among the top 10 skills for employees in 2025.

Interested in the Humanities Program at Rollins?

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A humanities professor explains a concept to a small group of students seated around a table.

Expert Faculty

Our humanities faculty are dedicated and engaging experts on a range of topics. You’ll have the chance to learn about the medieval period from a teacher who has built reconstructions of the technology he teaches about, including watermills and catapults. As well as about the Enlightenment era from a professor who spent years in Germany studying the great philosophers. And many of your faculty were also once students in Rollins’ Career Advancement programs, so they not only share your passions but also understand your needs and how to help set you up for success.

A librarian holds a book across her chest as she stands in front of a shelf of books.

Did You Know?

More 900,000 new jobs in education, training, and library occupations are projected to be added by 2030. Learn more about how finishing your humanities degree at Rollins can prepare for a rich and meaningful life as well as a rewarding career.

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