The Theta Chapter’s creation has endorsed Rollins’ place among the most prestigious institutions of higher education.

By establishment of the Theta Chapter, the governing Council of Phi Beta Kappa is assured that Rollins College embraces and upholds the highest academic standards in an ongoing commitment to excellence in the teaching and learning of the liberal arts and sciences. The College’s mission to provide a rigorous, liberal arts education that educates students for global citizenship and responsible leadership resonates with Phi Beta Kappa’s values, recognizing that a liberal arts and sciences education is essential preparation for a meaningful, productive and engaged life, as members our local, national, and international communities.

Portrait of Don Davison

“Receiving a Phi Beta Kappa charter is a collective achievement of Rollins’ faculty, staff, and students who embrace and nurture free inquiry, diversity of ideas, a life of the mind, and ethical citizenship. Phi Beta Kappa membership stands as a historic milestone, celebrating Rollins’ mission.”

Donald Davison PhD

Professor of Political Science

Theta Chapter Installation

The creation of the Theta Chapter of Florida of Phi Beta Kappa was formally installed on March 3, 2022, at Knowles Memorial Chapel. The Chapter’s foundation has endorsed Rollins’ place among the most prestigious institutions of higher education.

Theta Chapter Members

Resident faculty members induct new members, advocate for excellence in the liberal arts and sciences, and serve as a force on the Rollins campus and in the greater community for freedom of inquiry and expression.

  • Dexter Boniface

    Dexter Boniface, PhD

    Professor of Political Science

  • Shan-Estelle Brown

    Shan-Estelle Brown, PhD

    Associate Professor of Anthropology

  • Sharon Carnahan

    Sharon Carnahan, PhD

    Professor of Psychology, Executive Director of the Child Development and Student Research Center

  • Martha Cheng

    Martha Cheng, PhD


  • Tom Cook

    Tom Cook, PhD

    Professor of Philosophy

  • Grant Cornwell

    Grant Cornwell, PhD

    President, Rollins College

  • Daniel Crozier Jr.

    Daniel Crozier Jr., DMA

    Professor of Music, Theory, and Composition

  • Alice Davidson

    Alice Davidson, PhD

    Professor of Psychology

  • Donald Davison

    Donald Davison, PhD

    Professor of Political Science

  • Rosana Díaz-Zambrana

    Rosana Díaz-Zambrana, PhD

    Professor of Spanish

  • Sabrice Guerrier

    Sabrice Guerrier, PhD

    Associate Professor of Biology

  • Laurel Goj Habgood

    Laurel Goj Habgood, PhD

    Professor of Chemistry

  • Ben Hudson

    Ben Hudson, PhD

    Assistant Professor

  • Ashley Kistler

    Ashley Kistler, PhD

    Professor of Anthropology

  • Matthew Nichter

    Matthew Nichter, PhD

    Associate Professor of Sociology

  • MacKenzie Moon Ryan

    MacKenzie Moon Ryan, PhD

    Associate Professor of Art History

  • Steven St. John

    Steven St. John, PhD

    Professor of Psychology

  • Kara Wunderlich

    Kara Wunderlich, PhD

    Assistant Professor and ABACS Program Director

A student signs a book after being inducted into Phi Beta Kappa honor society.

Annual Activities

Annually, the Theta Chapter hosts Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholars and engages in other activities in support of liberal study. It also selects, invites, and inducts fewer than the top 10 percent of graduating majors within the liberal arts as fellow members-in-course each spring.

A student signs a book after being inducted into Phi Beta Kappa honor society.


Phi Beta Kappa has been committed to recognizing outstanding accomplishments among students committed to the study of the liberal arts and sciences. Properly understood, this is not about elitism but rather is the ultimate embodiment of meritocratic excellence, and this is an understanding that is deeply part of the fabric of Rollins.

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