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Students and faculty work together

Students and faculty work together

Our faculty are always willing to help our students work out a problem or grasp a new concept.

Why Major in Mathematics?

You will acquire the skills, knowledge, flexibility, and the ability to learn—all necessary to thrive in a changing world.

Many career options will be open to you. Mathematics is used directly in fields such as the physical and natural sciences, operations research, management science, statistical consulting, actuarial work, software engineering, and teaching. A degree in mathematics also provides good background for entry into jobs in business or admission to medical or dental school, MBA programs, law school, engineering school, and public health programs.

Employers understand that mathematics majors can handle intellectually-challenging problems and your background will give you an edge. You will be prepared for any career where quantitative reasoning and clear, creative, and logical thinking are valued.

You will more easily grasp statistical ideas, be more at home with computer software, and be better equipped to communicate with technically-trained people.

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