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Studying High Performance Organizations in France

This exciting new program led by Professor Tim Pett offers Rollins students the opportunity to study business and business culture in France while earning eight credits and collaborating with French University students. 

Students will engage with French University students in class, on group projects, and during free time.

Experience France!

Students will engage with French University students in class, on group projects, and during free time.

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This unique, program brings together the interdisciplinary strengths of the participating faculty and students from both Rollins and Groupe ESC Pau Colleges as well as drawing on the experiences and knowledge of business owners, community partners and entrepreneurs within the Aquitaine region of France. The French business culture offers a unique and innovative way of doing business through socially responsible approaches within the European Union (EU). This six-week program is offered in partnership with Groupe ESC Pau and provides Rollins management students with a range of educational opportunities,

  • Network and complete two (2) academic Rollins classes with French students in a unique educational setting.
  • Interact with French entrepreneurs of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as they manage their businesses towards becoming high performance organizations (HPO).
  • Gain a greater appreciation for the role of the entrepreneur as a business and civic leader as well as a community leader with a global social impact.
  • Participate in social and political visits like sustainable projects, social business, and public institutions that support SMEs
  • Participate in cultural excursions and company visits throughout areas surrounding southern France, such as Bordeaux, Biarritz, Pyrenees Mountains, Sanctuary of Lourdes, and San Sebastian, Spain.
  • NOTE: In accordance with the CDC, International Programs urges all study abroad students to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 to reduce risks of illness. Unvaccinated students will likely have additional isolation/quarantine and testing requirements for travel and entry into venues abroad (at their own expense). In addition, missing classes or program activities to meet these requirements may impact course grades. Unvaccinated students graduating in May 2022 whose majors require a field or global experience may opt to fulfill this requirement with a non-travel or domestic-travel alternative. 

Requirements for Admission

  • Application Deadline: February 14, 2022
  • Special Notification: France requires travelers be fully vaccinated in order to enter.
  • Applications open in November
  • Juniors and Seniors
  • Clean record with the Office of Community Standards and good academic and College standing
  • Professional application: materials are submitted on-time, are edited before submission, and are thorough and thoughtful.
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Prerequisites: BUS236 (Statistics for Business) and BUS245 (International Organizational Behavior)
  • Priority given to students confirmed for 2020 program.
  • Application Instructions: How to Apply


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2022 Calendar

  • Mid-May : Arrival day and orientation
  • TBD: Classes begin
  • TBD: Last day of classes
  • Late June : Depart

Please note: program dates may change to accommodate changes to the Rollins academic calendar.

Students will book their own flights to France and travel to Pau independently. Upon arrival, students will check into their rooms and begin an orientation that covers student services and other logistics. The second day of orientation includes a welcome ceremony, a program-specific orientation, plus a tour of downtown Pau and a visit to a nearby castle!


This program is led by Professor Timothy Pett, from the Department of Business. In addition, Professor Laurent Sié, will co-teach with Professor Pett in France. Professor Sié is a Professor of Knowledge Management and Innovation at ESC Pau Business School, the host University for this program. ESC Pau Business School offers a range of further education, higher education and executive programs from Bachelor to Masters Level. ESC Pau Business School collaborates extensively with the region’s major industrial poles of excellence, including Aeronautics, Geosciences, Food Industry, Carbon Fibre, Chemicals, the Horse Industry and the Sports Industry. ESC Pau’s core values are commitment, innovation, and authenticity, and, like Rollins, they aim to create global citizens and responsible leaders.


All students on the program will take two courses as follows:

  • MGT354F - High Performance Organizations (HPO): High Performance Organizations (HPO) are identified with consistently high levels of profitability, productivity, quality, ROI, customer loyalty (retention), and employee loyalty (retention). Using case studies students examine the corporate philosophies, enlightened policies, core competencies, and best practices which characterize HPOs.
  • BUS395F Special Topics in Business - Knowledge Management (4 credit hours): Course deals with significant economic, political, social, and ethical problems facing global businesses. Conducted as a seminar, discussions will be based on current readings, journal articles, and cases.

These classes satisfy one major business core course requirement (MGT 354 High Performance Organizations) as well as one elective course, BUS 390. The program also fulfills the Global Experience required for all students in the Business major.

Transfer of Credit

Students will receive eight credits upon successful completion of the program. The course will appear on the Rollins transcript as a normal Rollins course with a standard letter grade.

Rollins students will be housed in single occupancy rooms in a University Hall of Residence next to the Groupe ESC Pau campus.  Each room has a shower, lavatory, stove and a refrigerator for food and drinks.  There is a large supermarket and other shops a 5 minute walk from the campus.  Two regular bus services operate between the Campus and Pau town center, which is only a 5 minute bus ride away (25 minutes if walking). There are also a number of inexpensive dining options on campus open during the week.

Activities & Excursions

The program includes a number of excursions designed to enhance the course content and introduce students to French culture and the Aquitaine region of France. Examples of business visits include the Pau Chamber of Commerce, the Emmaüs Community, and the Chem’Park chemistry cluster. Examples of cultural excursions include visits to Biarritz, San Sebastian (Spain), Bordeaux, and the Pyrenees Mountains.

Life in Pau

During the program, students will have classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Wednesdays are used for program excursions and there is one weekend excursion as well. Students are encouraged to spend time with their French classmates on the weekends and after classes exploring Pau and the nearby region. Pau is a beautiful historical and university town of around 100,000 inhabitants located in the charming Aquitaine region in the South-west of France between the Atlantic coast and the Pyrenees Mountains. It is about 1 hour away from the Atlantic coast and its famous sea resorts and surfing spots (Biarritz, Hossegor). The Spanish border is just a short drive away. Bordeaux and its wine region and Toulouse and its aerospace valley are both about 2 hours away. The holy town of Lourdes is just down the road. Pau offers a very safe, green environment with a very dynamic economy and has excellent plane and train connections with Paris

Program Fee

  • 2021 Program Fee: $5,490


Includes tuition, program administration, housing, orientation program, cultural excursions, business visits, and comprehensive health and emergency insurance.

Does Not Include

  • Meals: $750
  • Airfare and/or train to Pau: $1,500
  • Personal Expenses: Costs will vary

Need-Based Scholarships

Partial need-based scholarships are available to off-set costs associated with international airfare, and, in exceptional cases, other costs associated with study abroad. Awards range from $200 to $1800, based on need-level. Students apply for scholarships through the normal program application.

* All dates are tentative and subject to change depending on the final number of students, final costs and other considerations.

** Estimated costs for all programs are based on anticipated numbers of students, current exchange rates and commercial airfares. Costs are subject to change. Final prices will always be communicated to accepted students before they commit to the program.