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Office of International Programs

United Kingdom: Queen Mary, University of London

The program at Queen Mary, University of London provides students the opportunity to challenge themselves by studying at an institution rated among the top fifteen in the United Kingdom.

The program at Queen Mary allows students to experience life as a University student in London's vibrant East End!

Experience London!

The program at Queen Mary allows students to experience life as a University student in London's vibrant East End!

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Why study at Queen Mary? (video)




Rollins students will have access to a wide variety of courses in a broad range of fields including: Economics, Political Science, Biology, Film, Psychology, and History.  Students live in residence halls on the Queen Mary campus and are fully integrated into University life with opportunities to become involved in student clubs, teams, and activities and participate in all campus events.

  • Juniors and Seniors
  • Clean record with the Office of Community Standards and good academic and College standing
  • Professional application: materials are submitted on-time, are edited before submission, and are thorough and thoughtful.
  • Minimum 3.2 GPA
  • Faculty endorsement from Dr. Mike Gunter or Dr. Denise Cummings. You will need to have a meeting with either Dr. Gunter or Dr. Cummings to continue the application process.
  • This program has a required advising session (30 minutes) as part of the application process. Please visit our home page to schedule an advising appointment.

Spring 2023

  • Jan 12: Required Arrival Date 
  • Jan 16 – 20: Orientation 
  • Jan 23: First Day of Classes 
  • Apr 14: Last Day of Classes 
  • Apr 17 – May 3: Reading Period/Break 
  • May 4 – Jun 2: Exam Period 
  • Jun 3: Program End Date 

Fall 2023

  • Sept 16-17: Required Arrival Period
  • Sept 18: Required Orientation
  • Sept 25: First Day of Classes
  • Dec 15: Last Day of Program


The International Office runs an orientation program at the beginning of each semester.  This program includes a welcome service during the arrival days and is designed to help you learn about the campus, your classes, and life in the UK. Students are responsible for booking their own flights. IMPORTANT: DO NOT FLY THROUGH DUBLIN! This may cause problems with your student status in the UK.


US citizens who will be full time students for less than 6 months do not need to obtain a visa beforehand and will be able to enter the UK with visiting student status. For general information about the visa process and visas for non-US citizens, see our Passports and Visas Page.

Queen Mary, University of London

Queen Mary University of London is one of the four largest colleges of the University of London and is located in the vibrant and diverse East End neighborhood of London All courses are taught by Queen Mary faculty members. Just like at Rollins, some courses may be unavailable due to schedule conflicts, over-enrollment or prerequisites, but in general, visiting students may select from a wide range of excellent courses 

For a full list of available courses, visit the module directory.  The Guidance notes in the left hand navigation box will help you understand your options and select appropriate modules.  NOTE: Only modules open to "Associates" are available to study abroad students.

A Warning About the British Educational System

In the UK there are generally fewer class, or contact hours, per week than in the U.S., and there is less continuous assessment of your academic performance. Semester grades are typically based on only one or two major assignments, such as a midterm and final exam. There will be a great degree of self-discipline and self-directed study required. Contact with professors is more limited, and most professors have a lecture-based teaching style. Students are generally expected to keep up with coursework and reading without prompting.

In addition, students entering university are typically already focused in their major or academic specialization. Thus, 200-level, or second-year courses are generally considered upper level courses.


Transfer of credit

Courses are worth 4 credits and most students take 4 courses for a total of 16 credits. Courses on this program appear on the Rollins transcript as transfer credit; the grades are displayed and are factored into the Rollins GPA.  It can take up to three months for grades to be processed and appear on the Rollins transcript. For information on approving courses for major/minor and General Education/rFLA requirements, and other academic policies, please visit our Academic Information page.


All students participating in the program will live on the Mile End Campus in the Student Village.  The award-winning Student Village is a modern, residential community that features many amenities for students including a restaurant and coffee bar, a café by the canal, student union offices, a convenience store, Laundromats, and a 24-hour security office. Study abroad students will be fully integrated into the residence halls and will be living with British and other international students. As is common at most universities in the UK, students will live in single rooms with shared bathroom and kitchens.  Most rooms are grouped in apartments (flats in the UK) of four to eleven students.


As is typical for a British University, there is no meal plan on campus.  Instead, residence halls have shared kitchens and students cook for themselves. There are grocery stores near campus, as well as several on-campus eateries.

Like most British Universities, Queen Mary has an incredibly active Student Union that sponsors a huge array of student societies and intramural athletics. For a list of student activities and events, visit the website for the Students' Union, which is run for and by Queen Mary students. The gym at the Student Union, offers both fitness facilities and regularly scheduled exercise classes.  Various student societies and the Study Abroad Office will sometimes sponsor discounted trips around and outside London. The Study Abroad office typically also offers several outings to locations of interest in and around London each semester.  Program participants also find that other international students want to explore the region as well, so it is easy to find travel companions.

Things to Consider

Students with mobility disabilities may find accessibility and accommodations different from the United States. Check the US Department of State Travelers with Disabilities and specific to the country, Mobility International USA, and the IP Your Identity Abroad page for resources.

Program Fee

The program fee is equal to Rollins College tuition and fees, and room for one semester. Most Rollins financial aid and scholarships will apply to the semester abroad.

  • Tuition: Standard Rollins tuition
  • Room: $4,740.00


Tuition and program administration, accommodation, complete medical and emergency insurance, and orientation.

Does Not Include

  • Airfare from Orlando: $1,350 (estimate)
  • Refundable Housing Damage Deposit: $400 (returned to student after program end)
  • Cost for all meals: Fall - $1,820, Spring - $2,800 (estimates) 
  • Personal expenses and course materials: $800 in the fall and $1,200 in the spring (all costs are estimates)
  • Souvenirs, entertainment and independent travel: $1,200 - $2,400 (estimate)
  • Travel/Property insurance (if desired): Costs will vary

Need-Based Scholarships

Scholarships based on financial need are available to off-set costs associated with international airfare and other costs associated with study abroad. Students can apply for scholarships through the Rollins program application.

Living and Working

Having a credit card while abroad is very helpful. The United Kingdom has a slightly higher cost of living than the United States. Students can work part-time on a student visa while in the United Kingdom.