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Spain: University of Oviedo

This Rollins Approved allows students to immersive themselves in Spanish culture in the charming city of Oviedo near the northern coast of Spain. Students will study Spanish language, culture and other subjects in English at the University of Oviedo.

To learn more about the culture of Spain, the Rollins Resident Director in Oviedo takes students on weekly activities and excursions throughout Asturias!

Experience Spain

To learn more about the culture of Spain, the Rollins Resident Director in Oviedo takes students on weekly activities and excursions throughout Asturias!

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The program in Oviedo offers a wide range of courses in Spanish and additional courses in English.  Students are supported by the Rollins Resident Director in Oviedo, who organizes a rich program of cultural activities and excursions in Oviedo and the Asturias region.  Oviedo is a picturesque city with a lively University and downtown area and an amazing landscape where students can both ski and surf. Oviedo is a great fit for students studying a variety of topics including Spanish, International Relations, International Business, Economics, and Anthropology. 

* If you plan to participate in two approved semester programs abroad, you can apply your full Rollins financial aid package to both programs as long as one of them is an exchange program. This qualifies as an exchange program so will allow you to carry your full aid package on this program and any other approved semester program of your choosing – whether that program is an exchange or not. 

  • Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors
  • Clean record with the Office of Community Standards and good academic and College standing
  • Professional application: materials are submitted on-time, are edited before submission, and are thorough and thoughtful.
  • Minimum 2.8 GPA
  • A minimum of two semesters of Spanish or the equivalent
  • This program has a required advising session
    (30 minutes) as part of the application process.
    Click here to schedule a virtual advising session.

Incoming Exchange Students

The coordinator for incoming exchange students is Jenifer Ruby, Director of International Student & Scholar Services. For information about application and advising for incoming exchange students, please visit the website for International Student & Scholar Services. You may also contact Ms. Ruby for more details.

Fall 2021

  • Sept 10: Arrival Date for University Classes
  • Sept 18: Arrival Date for Casa de las Lenguas Classes
  • Dec 15: Program End Date

Spring 2022

  • Jan 8Arrival Date 
  • Jan 10: All Classes Start
  • May 6: Classes end at University
  • May 13: Classes end at La Casa de las Lenguas
  • May 16 – Jun 3: Final exam period 

Orientation & Flight

Students are responsible for booking their own flights and we recommend flying into Oviedo directly. The Resident Director, Ana, will meet students at the Oviedo airport. The orientation covers the program academics, health and safety, housing, transportation, money, and more. Students will be introduced to the local culture and history to make their transition into Oviedo easier. The first night of the program students will stay at a hotel and will transition to their host families on the second day.


US citizens will need to apply for a student visa, specifically a National Spanish visa. As part of your visa application, you must have an in-person appointment at a Spanish consulate. This may involve travel time and additional expenses. For general information about the visa process and visas for non-US citizens, see our Passports and Visas Page.

University of Oviedo

Now a major university boasting more than 44,000 students enrolled in 35 departments, the University of Oviedo was founded in 1574 and opened its doors in 1608 to 100 students. Rollins students receive excellent academic support from the Rollins program Faculty Director, Dr. Francisco Borge, and the Rollins Resident Director, Ana Bugallo. 

CBCE Language School
All students will take a no-credit Spanish course at the CBCE language school in Oviedo designed to warm up their Spanish language skills and ensure success in the other courses. In the fall semester, the course starts with an intensive period before the regular courses begin and continues through the semester with just one hour per week.  In the spring semester, the course is just 2 hours each week through the semester and serves as a language tutoring and practice session to complement the other courses.

Most students will take at least two-three courses at the Casa de las Lenguas: a program within the University that offers Spanish language courses at all levels and content courses in Spanish for intermediate and advanced students. For available classes at la Casa, check out the course catalog.  Students may also directly enroll directly into regular classes with local students, some of which are taught in English, others in Spanish. For university classes, check out the university course catalog.  Most students will take either the full courseload at the Casa, or most courses at the Casa and one or two direct enrollment courses.

  • Rollins students majoring in Spanish can apply up to 3 of their courses in Oviedo towards their major.
  • Rollins students minoring in Spanish can apply up to 2 of their courses in Oviedo (effectively any of the 300-level courses taught in Spanish) towards their minor.


Transfer of Credit

Courses are worth 3 or 4 credits each and students typically take 4-5 courses, for a total of 12-20 credits. Courses on this program appear on the Rollins transcript as transfer credit; the grades are displayed and are factored into the Rollins GPA.  It can take up to three months for grades to be processed and appear on the Rollins transcript. For information on approving courses for major/minor and General Education/rFLA requirements, and other academic policies, please visit our Academic Information page.

Living with Spanish hosts during the term is an integral part of the program; it gives students an inside perspective on Spanish society not available in a residence hall. Students complete a housing questionnaire as part of their application, and after acceptance are carefully matched with families or single adults who are eager to welcome students into their homes.  Most of the host families have been with our program for years and many students find the homestay to be a highlight of the program. The homestay includes three meals per day, weekly laundry service, and all linens and towels.


An added benefit of the program are the co-curricular activities.  The conversation partner program pairs U.S. students with Spanish conversation partners and is a great way to meet local students.  By means of the MENTOR Program, students can take advantage of the help of a Spanish student to settle into university life. The host student will give advice on accommodation, campus life and other practical matters.  The University of Oviedo also offers many activities for visiting students, including a full week of cultural activities in place of classes.  During this week, students sign up for lessons on topics like dance and cooking, and are also involved in a variety of events like movie screenings and showcases.  The Rollins Resident Director takes the students out to lunch weekly and provides unique insights into life in Oviedo and Asturias.

Field Trips and Excursions

The Rollins Resident Director organizes and leads a rich program of excursions in the region of Asturias.  Students consider these excursions a highlight of the program, particularly since they expose students to parts of Spain they would not otherwise visit.  In addition, the University of Oviedo offers visits to the most interesting sites in the city, excursions to the seaside and mountains, as well as to the historic monuments of the region.  . 

Program Fee

The program fee is equal to Rollins College tuition and fees, and room for one semester.  Most Rollins financial aid and scholarships will apply to the semester abroad.

  • Tuition: Standard Rollins tuition
  • Room and Board: $7,600.00


Tuition and program administration, accommodation, orientation, all meals, laundry, complete medical and emergency insurance, and cultural activities and excursions.

Does Not Include

  • Airfare from Orlando: $1,300 (estimate)
  • Visa fee: $160 (estimate) plus costs associated with travel to nearest Spanish consulate for visa appointment
  • Personal expenses and course materials: $800 (estimate)
  • Souvenirs, entertainment and independent travel: $1,200 - $2,000 (estimate)
  • Travel/Property insurance (if desired): Costs will vary

Need-Based Scholarships

Scholarships based on financial need are available to off-set costs associated with international airfare and other costs associated with study abroad. Students can apply for scholarships through the Rollins program application.

Living Abroad

Spain has a lower cost of living than the United States.