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Field Study Programs

Explore our first-year, spring break, summer, and winter field study programs.

The faculty-led Field Study programs emphasize experiential learning: why just read Shakespeare, when you can see a play performed at the Globe? Why hear a lecture on reforestation, when you can hike through a rainforest to interview staff at a research station? Faculty have designed their Field Study programs to take advantage of the location and have worked to integrate more traditional coursework with hands-on experiences that will enhance the curriculum and provoke discussion and active engagement. 

Most Field Study programs are one week to three weeks long, typically earn two to four credits, and offerings vary from year-to-year. Since these are faculty-led programs, they are normal Rollins courses and appear on your transcript as such. Field Study programs do represent an additional cost. International Programs offers partial need-based scholarship funding to assist with the costs for these programs.

For more information or to discuss a specific program, email Katie Alonso

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Winter Field Studies

Winter Field Studies

  • ENV 353F: Costa Rica - National Parks and Protected Areas
  • BUS 395F: France - Paris to Pau: Business Boot Camp
Spring Break Field Studies

Spring Break Field Studies

  • INT 295F: Global Citizenship: Italy
  • ENG 309: Vikings: Denmark and Sweden
  • rFLA 300: Learning and Teaching About the Holocaust

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Summer Field Studies

Summer Field Studies

  • BIO 388: Marine Biology Laboratory: US Maine
  • HIS 314F: Hellenic Culture of Greece
  • CHM 102F: Water, Sanitation and Health (WaSH) in the Dominican Republic
  • BUS 390F: Japanese Culture, Society and Business
  • BUS 390F: Culture, Society, and Business in Brazil
  • EDU 346F/546F: Rural Education in Rwanda
  • POL 206F: Community Development in Tanzania
  • ENV 365F: Costa Rica - Environment & Development in Central America
  • MLS 536: Greece: Bronze Age Greece and Beyond
  • MPH 546: Global Public Health – Geneva, Switzerland

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First-Year Field Study

First-Year Field Study

Experience the incredible biodiversity and stunning landscapes of “the Switzerland of the Americas.” See what it means to be a world leader in both environmental protection and sustainable development. Find out why Costa Rica was recently named “the Happiest place on Earth" by the New Economics Foundation.

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