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"The Paris to Pau Field Study allowed me to immerse myself into a different culture for a short period of time, opening my eyes to differences in traditions, government policies, and food. I am thankful for the opportunity and have gained new skills that will help propel me in the future" 

Field Study programs integrate more traditional coursework with hands-on experiences that will enhance the curriculum and provoke discussion and active engagement. They are led by Rollins faculty, are 1-3 weeks, and worth 2-4 credits. Costs range from $3000-$6000 and students can apply for partial need-based scholarships through International Programs.

For more information or to discuss a specific program, click here to email or click here to schedule an advising session.

Winter Field Studies

Winter Field Studies

  • BUS 390F: Brazil - Culture, Society, and Business
  • BUS 295F: France - Paris to Pau - Business Boot Camp 
  • ENV 365F: Costa Rica - Environment & Development in Central America
Spring Break Field Studies

Spring Break Field Studies

  • ENG 221/331F: South Africa - Literature and Culture
  • rFLA 300: Northern Ireland - Communication, Culture and Conflict
  • rFLA 300: Poland - Learning and Teaching about the Holocaust
  • INT 283F: UK - Lively Arts in London
  • Service Immersion: Trinidad and Tobago

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Summer 2024 Field Studies

Summer 2024 Field Studies

  • BIO 250F: Dominican Republic - Expedition Biology
  • BIO 388F: Maine - Marine Biology Laboratory
  • BUS 395F: Ghana - Cultural and Business Treasures
  • CHM 100F: South Korea - Science Tech Engineering & Math Culture
  • ENV 353F: Costa Rica - National Parks and Protected Areas
  • HIS 314F: Singapore: Multi-Cultural Society in the 21st Century
  • POL 206F: Tanzania - Community Development and Ecotourism
  • PSY 395F: Vienna/UK - Freud and Frankl - Vienna and the Birthplace of Psychotherapy
  • MPH 546F: Switzerland - Global Public Health (HOLT ONLY)

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First-Year Field Study

First-Year Field Study

Experience the incredible biodiversity and stunning landscapes of “the Switzerland of the Americas.” See what it means to be a world leader in both environmental protection and sustainable development. Find out why Costa Rica was recently named the "Happiest place on Earth" by the New Economics Foundation.

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