Hauck Research Center (Greenhouse)


Many people think orchids are difficult to cultivate, but with the proper care, orchids can be quite easy to grow. Following a regime of good air movement, bright light, appropriate temperatures, proper watering and fertilizing techniques, and suitable growing medium, orchids will provide the grower with a gorgeous display of color for years to come.

Vanda Orchid

Vanda orchids have been highly hybridized and now come in a wide array of color and sizes.   Easy to grow, they need bright light and very well drained growing medium.

Moth Orchid

Phalaenopsis orchids are probably the most popular of all the orchids because of their ease to grow and their extremely showy and large flowers.  Native to tropical Asia, this orchid prefers a moist growing medium and bright light.

Dendrobium Orchids

A large genus, Dendrobium orchids are another easy group of orchids to grow.  Like most orchids, many are epiphytes, air plants, that naturally cling to tree branches for better light.

Display of flowering orchids

Orchids come in so many shapes, sizes, and color that when they bloom at the same time people stop and gaze at them with amazement.

The diversity of color and shapes are so enticing, no plant collection would be complete without the magnificence of the flowering orchid.