Hauck Research Center (Greenhouse)

Cacti and Succulents

The literal meaning of succulents is "juicy plants." Many succulents and cacti are inhabitants of arid areas and have evolved the ability to store large amounts of water in their leaves, stems, and roots, hence the name. The interesting and grotesque forms make them quite appealing to the plant collector.

Table full of Succulents and Cacti

These arid loving plants need a bright location with little water in order for them to thrive.  Can you spot the the desert orchid? Yes, it's an orchid that grows in the desert! It's called Eulophia petersii and it located towards the edge of the table.

Donkey's Tail Plant

Sedum morganianum can easily be propagated from leaves that readily break off from the stems.  Native to Mexico, the blue-green leaves are very attractive and the pinkish flowers are an added bonus!

Elephant's Foot Plant

Native to Madagascar, Pachypodium rosulatum prefer sunny arid areas to thrive. The sulfur-colored flowers are borne on long inflorescence.

Old Man Cactus

The hairs of the Cephalocereus senilis are modified spines that aid in protection from the sun and frost. In its native country of Mexico, the wool-like hairs are sometimes used in making sweaters.

However not only can the plants have fantastic shapes, but the flowers can be quite beautifully distinctive as well.