Our Team & Partners

Our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is made possible through the various leaders and partnerships dedicated to inclusive excellence. Our team and partners support and guide the college in fulfilling its mission of cultivating a culturally intelligent community of learning and discovery by facilitating a campus environment that promotes personal and academic thriving through active engagement with all areas of campus life.

Core Leadership Team

These are the key leaders influencing change while advising the College on executing the College’s DEIB strategic plan and related programs.

  • Tracy Kizer

    Tracy Kizer, PhD

    Special Assistant to the President for DEIB

  • Teasa Mays

    Teasa Mays, MHR

    Associate Director of Admission for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

  • Danielle McKinnon

    Danielle McKinnon, PhD

    Director of Staff Inclusion and Belonging

  • Jessica Santiago

    Jessica Santiago, PhD

    Director of Student Support and Belonging

  • Eric Smaw

    Eric Smaw, PhD

    Special Assistant to the Provost for DEIB

  • Marjorie Trueblood

    Marjorie Trueblood, PhD

    Dean of the Student Center for Inclusion and Belonging

DEIB Advisory Council

The DEI Advisory Council comprises stakeholders across all schools, departments, units, and areas of campus. The advisory council is a model that allows the diffusion of ideas from small stakeholder groups within our community, which convene periodically throughout the year. Each council is open to faculty and staff, with one council open to undergraduate and graduate students. If you would like more details, please contact

  • DEIB Campus Partners Advisory Council
  • DEIB Faculty Advisory Council
  • DEIB Student Advisory Council
  • DEIB Staff Advisory Council
  • DEIB Alumni and Outreach Advisory Council

Diversity Partners

Rollins partners with different groups across the College to develop and implement efforts to make our campus more diverse, inclusive, and equitable for all. Some of these groups are represented here but others can be found throughout the campus. We believe all these groups and our partnerships with them make the college stronger and creates an environment where everyone can feel valued.