Clinical Mental Health Counseling Curriculum

The 62-hour, cohort-based Clinical Mental Health Counseling program features an experiential curriculum taught through the lens of multiculturalism and social justice. Cohorts move through the program in lockstep, meaning everyone on the full-time track takes the same courses during the same semester. Students complete a social justice pre-practicum and two semester-long internships in either a clinical mental health or family therapy setting. In addition, students attend a Master Therapist Series, consisting of seminars taught by nationally recognized counseling experts. After receiving their degrees, graduates are uniquely prepared to pursue licensure as a mental health counselor or marriage and family therapist in the state of Florida.

Program Structure

Students can complete the program on a three-year, full-time track or a four-year, part-time course of study. In some cases, students are eligible to complete a five-year, part-time track with department approval.

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Program Courses

  • Core Curriculum
    CPY 510 Foundations in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
    CPY 515 Fundamentals of Statistics, Research, and Program Evaluation
    CPY 520 Group Dynamics and Process
    CPY 525 Counseling Theories and Practice
    CPY 530 Theories of Personality
    CPY 535 Career and Lifestyle Development
    CPY 538 Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling
    CPY 540 Advanced Theory and Practice of Group Counseling
    CPY 545 Legal, Professional, and Ethical Issues in Counseling
    CPY 550 Dynamics of Marriage, Relationship, and Family Systems
    CPY 560 Community Counseling and Crisis Intervention
    CPY 565 Individual/Group Assessment and Treatment Planning
    CPY 601 Human Sexuality: Therapy, Counseling Theory, and Technique
    CPY 602 Human Growth and Development
    CPY 603 Addictive Disorders
    CPY 699 Master Therapist Series
    PSY 551 Psychopathology: Diagnosis and Assessment of Abnormal Behavior
  • Fieldwork & Training
    CPY 555 Family and Relationship Counseling: Theory and Therapeutic Modalities
    CPY 662 College Counseling and Outreach
    PSY 661 Pre-Practicum in Social Justice and Advocacy
    PSY 680 Practicum and Internship I in a Clinical Mental Health Setting
    PSY 690 Internship I in a Clinical Mental Health Setting
    PSY 695 Internship II in a Clinical Mental Health Setting
  • Electives
    CPY 557 Couples and Marriage Therapy: Theory and Techniques
    CPY 650 Neuroscience for Counselors
    CPY 660 Clinical Hypnosis
    CPY 663 Mindfulness in Counseling
A clinical mental health counselor meets with a client.

Real-World Rigor

In addition to your practicum and internship, you’ll participate in 100 hours of social justice advocacy fieldwork focused on social change.

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