Building skilled, experienced behavior analysts

The Applied Behavior Analysis & Clinical Science (ABACS) program is a 57-credit-hour, cohort-based program. Students complete a thesis or capstone project as well as three semesters of practicum, including 750 hours of fieldwork experience.

In addition to our Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) accreditation, our ABACS curriculum is also an ABAI Verified Course Sequence (VCS). It’s little wonder then that 98 percent of our graduates pass the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) examination on their first attempt.

That near-perfect track record is particularly impressive when you consider that the national pass rate for first-time candidates was 63 percent in 2019. Bottom line: At Rollins, you’ll be uniquely prepared for success in this fast-growing field.

Program Structure

Students complete a three-year program of study. In some cases, eligible students may complete the program on an accelerated two-year track.

  • 11

    core courses

  • 2

    clinical science electives

  • 1

    professional development

  • 1

    thesis or capstone

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Program Courses

  • Conceptual Foundations
    BACS 511 Behavioral Assessment
    BACS 512 Single Subject Experimental Design
    BACS 613 Seminar in Radical Behaviorism
  • Basic Science
    BACS 521 Experimental Analysis of Behavior
    BACS 522 Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Clinical Science
    BACS 515 Special Topic
    BACS 536 Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Application
    BACS 541 Behavioral Interventions I: Applications
    BACS 542 Behavioral Interventions II: Special Populations
    BACS 561 Organizational Behavior, Culture, and Leadership
  • Law and Ethics
    BACS 551 Law, Ethics, and Behaviorism
  • Supervised Practical Research and Training
    BACS 661 Professional Development
    BACS 671 Practicum I
    BACS 672 Practicum II
    BACS 673 Practicum III
  • Master’s Thesis or Capstone Equivalent
    BACS 681 Thesis or Capstone I
    BACS 682 Thesis or Capstone II
An applied behavior analyst observes a young patient writing in a notebook.

Learn by Doing

Students complete practicum seminars that include supervised fieldwork according to the standards of the Behavior Analysis Certification Board.

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