As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, you’ll work with a number of populations that benefit immensely from therapy, helping your patients’ caregivers implement behavior support plans, procedures, and skills that change lives.

The majority of Board Certified Behavior Analysts work with children with autism-spectrum disorders, those with other intellectual disabilities, and in education. Other areas of work include behavioral gerontology, organizational behavior management, and public policy and rehabilitation.

Bright Outlook

Increase your earning power in an in-demand field while transforming the lives of your patients.

  • 1,942%

    Increase in annual demand for Board Certified Behavior Analysts, 2010–2018

  • $70+K

    Average annual salary for Board Certified Behavior Analysts

  • $42

    Average hourly rate for Board Certified Behavior Analysts

Kristen Morris

“The greatest strength is the professors. Not only do they shape you into a behavior analyst, but they really prepare you to network professionally. The professors actively connect you with professionals in a field that once seemed untouchable. Additionally, the thesis component really made the program for me. Having the ability to conduct our own research under the professors provided a deeper understanding of the scientific processes used in behavior analysis.”

Kristen Morris ’17ABACS

Licensed Behavior Analyst

Kaiser Permanente

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Where Our Grads Go

Get a glimpse into your bright future by exploring the careers of these Rollins graduates.

  • Chandler Pelfrey ’19 ABACS

    Chandler Pelfrey ’19ABACS

    Board Certified Behavior Analyst

    Johanna McDonald, LLC

  • Adriana Rodriguez ’18

    Adriana Rodriguez ’18ABACS

    Associate Clinical Director, Behavior Framework

  • Morgan Smith Kissenberth ’20

    Morgan Smith Kissenberth ’20ABACS

    Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Acorn Health

  • Sulay Martinez ’19

    Sulay Martinez ’19ABACS

    Co-Founder & Clinical Director, Contemporary Learning Center

  • Angie Van Arsdale ’19

    Angie Van Arsdale ’19ABACS

    PhD Candidate

    University of Florida

  • Stephanie Gonzalez ’18

    Stephanie Gonzalez ’18ABACS

    PhD Candidate, University of Florida

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