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Rollins In A Box

Host your own Rollins event and connect with Tars anytime, anywhere.

Rollins alumni always have a great time when they’re together. Now YOU can make that happen anytime! Hold your own alumni gathering to reconnect with classmates in your area, network with other Rollins professionals, or host a mixer to connect with local alumni you haven’t yet met. 

How do you get started? 3 Easy Steps!

  1. Fill out the form to request your own Rollins In A Box to add to your alumni gathering. You'll receive a response within 48 hours of submission. Allow up to 4 weeks from the time of your form submission to host your event. 
  2. Post your event on RollinsConnect, and your own social media channels to spread the word. RollinsConnect lets you search and contact all the alumni in your surrounding area. 
  3. We’ll send you a special Rollins Box containing Rollins swag to help you throw a great event where everyone can show their Rollins pride! We’ll also include our latest magazines or brochures so your guests can see what’s new on campus.

As a volunteer host, you have the option of applying for funding support for food, non-alcoholic beverages, or other event-related costs. To receive funding you must share the final attendee list, submit related receipts, and send photos taken during the event. Funding support is available up to $50 for 10 or less attendees, or up to $150 for 25+ attendees. Funding support will be provided after the event upon meeting the above criteria. If you do not wish to receive funding support after, receipts are not necessary but we still ask that hosts provide a final attendee list and photos.

 CLICK HERE to request your Rollins In A Box event. 

Rollins In A Box FAQs

What is Rollins In A Box?
Rollins In A Box is a way for the Office of Alumni Engagement to support you, our Rollins alumni, in hosting organic, social gatherings with five people or more and then share the experience back with Rollins via social media posts and lists of attendees.

As a host, what would be my responsibilities?

  • To communicate regularly with the Office of Alumni Engagement
  • Determine event information in advance (such as date, time, location, etc.) and handle any venue scheduling
  • Identify audience to invite to event
  • Organize any menu and arrangements for the day of the event
  • Send out electronic invites via Facebook invite, individual phone calls, emails, etc. 
  • Greet and thank attendees for participating
  • Take photos and videos throughout your event to share on social media, RollinsConnect, and with the Office of Alumni Engagement
  • Provide hand-outs or favors that were provided by the Office of Alumni Engagement 
  • Communicate with guests the importance of staying engaged with Rollins in volunteerism, giving financially, and/or hosting their own events
  • Follow up with the Office of Alumni Engagement post-event with wrap-up, feedback, and provide photos/videos

What will the Office of Alumni Engagement help with?

  • You should have a target guest audience in mind when planning your event (i.e. known classmates, professional network, specific affinity or grad years, etc) however, the Office of Alumni Engagement can assist with identifying alumni in the area to invite
  • The Office of Alumni Engagement will create an event registration page on RollinsConnect for you to share in your invitations and keep track of registered guests
  • We will record RSVP's and communicate updates with you on a regular basis
  • Provide post-event funding support for events that meet criteria

What are some of the items that could be included in Rollins In A Box?

  • Rollins swag for event guests may be:
    • Cups
    • Nametags 
    • Pennant
  • Host(s) gift
  • Giving envelopes for financial gifts
  • Current publications

Ready to host your own event? CLICK HERE.