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Alumni Engagement Strategic Plan

The premise of the Rollins College Alumni Engagement Strategic Plan is grounded on a value proposition that provides mutual benefit to alumni and alma mater.

Strategic Plan & Process

The Alumni Engagement Strategic Plan is the shared work of key stakeholders across the College and the Alumni Advisory Board. It is the product of research and discussions stretching over eight months. The foundation for the plan is rooted in the Alumni Attitudinal Survey, which was conducted over the summer of 2021 through a series of one-on-one meetings with Trustees and Alumni Advisory Board members; three generational focus groups of alumni volunteers and donors; and an anonymous digital survey offered to all College of Liberal Arts alumni.

The planning process started in October 2021 and was facilitated by consultant Chris Marshall through his association with the firm Washburn & McGoldrick LLC. A 19-member Alumni Engagement Strategic Planning Task Force was organized with representatives from key stakeholder groups. The Task Force reviewed the survey results, including all supplementary comments provided by alumni. They identified mission, vision, values, priorities, and tactics from which staff members in the Office of Alumni Engagement articulated this College-wide plan for engagement with alumni.

Over the next five years, the College will use this plan to vigorously strengthen its relationships with alumni while pursuing a path that not only advances our strategic objectives but empowers the personal and professional growth of alumni around the globe.

This is the beginning of a new journey together. We hope you’ll join us every step of the way.