Cost of Attendance

Learn more about the cost of attending Rollins.

Cost of attendance is comprised of tuition, fees, room (a double room is assumed), board, books, loan fees, personal, and transportation expenses. Some of these expenses are direct expenses that are billed to you by Rollins College. Other expenses are indirect (not billed) but do represent a real cost to you that may be used in determining your financial aid eligibility. Your cost of attendance will vary depending on whether you live on campus or at home with your parent(s).

The costs listed below are for the 2017-2018 full-time Colleges of Liberal Arts day program. Direct-billed expenses are highlighted in bold below.

On Campus Home
Tuition: $48,335 $48,335
Room & Board: $14,730 $3,010
Books: $1,230 $1,230
Loan Fees: $80 $80
Personal: $2,210 $700
Transportation: $1,190 $1,190
Total: $67,775 $54,545

Net Price Calculator

Utilize the Net Price Calculator to receive an early indication of how much and what types of financial aid you may receive as a first-year student at Rollins!

Net Price Calculator