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Scholarships & Costs

Learn more about Rollins’ cost of attendance as well as scholarships available to international students.

Academic Scholarships

International students are eligible for academic scholarships based on their SAT/ACT scores and their high school performance. For international students these range from $10,000 per year all the way up to full tuition. Each application is reviewed to determine if they are eligible for scholarship and there is no need to fill out any type of scholarship application. If you wish to be considered for the Alfond Scholarship, please submit your application by November 15. 
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Need Based Financial Aid

Rollins is now need-aware when reviewing international applications, starting with new students for the Fall of 2018 cohort. What does this mean? This means we will now take into consideration a student’s financial contribution when making admission decisions.  Rollins offers limited need-based financial aid, however, timing is critical in the financial aid process, so international students seeking need-based financial aid must at the same time they apply for admission. The pool of international applicants is highly competitive and the level of support provided from Rollins ranges widely, depending on particular family circumstances. Aid is determined based on the information provided on the International Student Financial Aid Application as well as the amount of Rollins academic scholarship received. Students seeking need-based financial aid will receive an email containing a link to the application once they submit their admission application to Rollins. We recommend that you submit the International Student Financial Aid Application within a few days of applying.

Students who qualify for need-based assistance can receive financial aid up to eight semesters. Rollins will use the International Student Financial Aid Application  to determine the parent contribution and consider factors such as parent income, parent assets, number of dependents in the household, and the number of dependent children attending undergraduate institutions in the United States. For maximum consideration, complete the form honestly and to the best of your ability. We reserve the right to ask for additional documentation to verify information submitted. Please note: the International Student Financial Aid Application does not replace the Certificate of Financial Resources document required prior to enrollment.

The priority date to submit this application for international students is March 1.

Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance is comprised of tuition, fees, room (a double room is assumed), board, books, loan fees, personal, and transportation expenses. Some of these expenses are direct expenses that are billed to you by Rollins College. Other expenses are indirect (not billed) but do represent a real cost to you that may be used in determining your financial aid eligibility. 

International students must be able to finance all educational expenses, and proof of this ability to pay is required before the Certification of Eligibility for a student visa (the I-20 form) is issued. A completed Certificate of Financial Resources signed by a bank official and with parent or sponsor signature must indicate resources to adequately finance tuition, fees, room and board, books, personal living expenses, and travel to and from the home country. This certificate should be no more than six months old. Students receiving financial assistance from a government or agency need to submit an official letter listing the amount of the award and any special billing instructions.