Public Policy & Political Economy

Public policy and political economy majors at Rollins learn how economics and political science combine to shape public policy around the world. Students tackle pressing social problems, such as health care, poverty, and social mobility.

You’ll develop a set of quantitative and communicative skills that prepare you to analyze public policy challenges and craft meaningful solutions. The program locates public policy questions within an ethical context by considering such questions as what is of value to society and how best to achieve those values. Responsible leaders understand the implications of policy choices and recognize that decision makers have obligations to their communities.

Public policy majors are prepared to assume leadership positions in both the private and public sectors.

Why Study Public Policy & Political Economy at Rollins

  1. Real World Experience

    Through hands-on internships in applied policy analysis, you’ll gain insight into the various ways policy shapes and is shaped by a community.

  2. Guided Research

    Connect concepts with real-world application, working alongside expert faculty to conduct research, identify conclusions, and share your findings through professional publication.

  3. Professional Possibilities

    From private consulting to research think tanks, a PPPE degree appeals to an array of employers. You’ll also be prepared to pursue a master’s in public policy and urban planning or earn a JD or an MBA.

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Isaac James ’20

“Through coursework and discussions, my awareness of the barriers to social stability for millions of Americans has increased, and my passion for addressing those barriers has increased as well. This program prepares students to design practical solutions to real-world problems.”

Isaac James ’20

Truman Scholar

Rollins Public Policy & Political Economy Careers

Rollins public policy and political economy grads are making tomorrow happen at some of the world’s most respected companies.

  • James Ryan

    James Ryan ’17 ’19MBA

    Editorial Manager, European Journal of Marketing

  • Michael Purcell

    Michael Purcell ’17

    JD Candidate, George Washington University Law School

  • Kenzie Helmick

    Kenzie Helmick ’20

    Lecturer and Tutor, Zinkerz

Real World Experience

Rollins public policy and political economy majors hone their expertise through prestigious internships and fellowships around the country.

  • US Congress
  • City of Winter Park
  • PPIA Program
  • University of Michigan
  • Planned Parenthood
  • United States Senate

Popular Courses

Beyond the Classroom

The Democracy Project Co-founded by a PPPE alumnus, this student-led initiative creates a strategic road map to engage students in the electoral process, from organizing monthly voter-registration drives to hosting debates between local candidates.

International Engagement Rollins offers more than 90 study-abroad programs, so you’ll have ample opportunity to hone your skills in a global setting. For instance, PPPE major Kenzie Helmick ’20 studied social justice and community development in Chile, focusing on the nation’s transition to a democracy.

Student-Faculty Research Learn from seasoned mentors while applying your knowledge within a PPPE framework. You’ll work alongside a professor to develop research, draw conclusions, and publish and present your findings.

Expert Faculty

The public policy and political economy major draws faculty from both political science and economics. All professors hold terminal degrees in their fields, and their breadth and depth of expertise help create a rigorous learning environment.

Department of Public Policy & Political Economy

Cornell Hall for the Social Sciences
1000 Holt Ave.
Winter Park, FL 32789

Telephone: 407.646.2505

Visit the Department of Public Policy & Political Economy Website

Contact Public Policy & Political Economy Professors

  • Dan Chong

    Dan Chong, PhD

    Associate Professor of Political Science

    Research interests: International human rights, global poverty, and peace and conflict resolution

  • Donald Davison portrait

    Don Davison, PhD

    Professor of Political Science

    Research interests: Civil rights policy, voting rights, social welfare policy, statistics, and policy analysis

  • Joan Davison

    Joan Davison, PhD

    Professor of Political Science

    Research interests: U.S. foreign policy, national security policy, ethnoreligious identity, and politics in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Mike Gunter

    Mike Gunter, PhD

    Professor of Political Science

    Research interests: Global environmental affairs, politics of climate change, and sustainable development

  • Philip Kozel

    Philip Kozel, PhD

    Associate Professor of Economics; Co-Director of Public Policy Program

    Research interests: Intellectual property, piracy, history of economic thought, and Marxian economics

  • Harry Kypraios

    Harry Kypraios, PhD

    Associate Professor of Economics

    Research interests: Monetary economics, economics in historical perspective, and international economics

  • No photo available

    Julia Maskivker, PhD

    Associate Professor of Political Science

    Research interests: Contemporary theories of justice, global ethics, and social and economic citizenship

  • Eren Tatari

    Eren Tatari, PhD

    Associate Professor of Political Science

    Research interests: Ethnic and religious minorities in the U.S. and Western Europe, Middle East politics, democratic theory and minority rights, women in Islam, gender politics, and intersectionality

  • Martina Vidovic

    Martina Vidovic, PhD

    Associate Professor of Economics

    Research interests: Applied microeconomics, applied econometrics, environmental economics with an emphasis on effectiveness of voluntary pollution-reduction programs

  • Anca Voicu, PhD

    Anca M. Voicu, PhD

    Professor of Economics

    Research interests: International trade theory and policy, genetic algorithms applied to trade modeling, empirical trade models of the inter-war years, the impact of trade on the environment, economics and culture