Problem-solving, collaboration, logic, reasoning—these in-demand skills are the cornerstone of Rollins’ interdisciplinary pre-engineering curriculum. In-depth study of the natural and mathematical sciences combined with an exploration of the arts, social sciences, and humanities uniquely prepares you to solve complex problems in creative ways. Pre-engineering students choose an area of concentration—physics, chemistry, mathematics, or computer science—on their path to earning both a bachelor’s of arts degree from Rollins and a bachelor’s of science in engineering from one of our three prestigious partner schools in just five years.

As you study the foundations of science, you’ll put your findings to the test through rigorous research methodologies. You’ll gain valuable soft skills like effective communication, networking, and adaptability. When you leave Rollins, you’ll have the opportunity to enter Case Western Reserve or Washington University equipped with both the creative thinking and technical expertise to find practical uses for scientific discoveries in everything from aerospace and mechanics to biomedicine and the environment.

Why Study Pre-Engineering at Rollins

  1. Prolific Partnerships

    Thanks to our cooperative program, you can earn two bachelor’s degrees in as little as five years. With a bachelor’s of arts from Rollins and a bachelor’s of science from one of two partner universities—Case Western Reserve or Washington University—you’ll earn a competitive dual degree that leverages an enviable suite of skills.

  2. Application Over Memorization

    From innovative internships and original research opportunities to extensive lab work and project-based experiences, you’ll apply what you’re learning to multiple scenarios both in and outside the classroom. You’ll learn how to submit proposals for funding, test research methodologies, and refine lab protocols.

  3. Plot Your Own Path

    An average class size of just 17 students and an 11:1 student-faculty ratio means our expert faculty know you not only by name but by your goals and dreams. You’ll receive personalized support as you discover your passions and receive guidance on everything from course selection to which partner university best fits your ambitions.

Yassine Acoine ’19 and chemistry professor Anne Murdaugh perform student-faculty research in a lab.

“The most important skills I learned at Rollins in the pre-engineering program were problem solving and critical thinking. My amazing professors and advisors challenged and supported me every day, which helped me grow both as a person and a student. My theoretical and practical knowledge have helped set me apart from the competition in the job market, especially in the STEM industry. Rollins gave me the skills to turn my career into a meaningful lifelong pursuit.”

Yassine Acoine ’19

Data Scientist, Siemens

Rollins Pre-Engineering Careers

Rollins pre-engineering grads are making tomorrow happen at some of the world’s most innovative companies and prestigious institutions.

  • Zack Weld ’14

    Zack Weld ’14

    Senior Software Engineer, SoFi

  • Cyrus Siminou ’19

    Cyrus Siminou ’19

    Mechanical Engineer, Northrup Grumman

  • Dominique Evans ’14

    Dominique Evans ’14

    Program Manager, Leonardo DRS

  • Salvador Bolanos ’19

    Salvador Bolanos ’19

    Senior Strategy Associate, EY-Parthenon

  • Barbara Primera Darwich ’14

    Barbara Primera Darwich ’14

    Chief Operating Officer, Food Brewer

Professor and students in a class discussion at a Rollins outdoor classroom

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Real World Experience

From prestigious internships to original research opportunities, pre-engineering students hone their skills in the real world.

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Beyond the Classroom

Grand Challenges for Engineering Scholars Program A global effort by the National Academy of Engineering is helping students address challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. Pre-engineering and science students focus on one of 14 rigorous challenges—from making solar energy more economical to engineering better medicines—and problem-solve them through interdisciplinary study, collaborative research, community outreach, and experiential learning.

Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program Build a microscope from scratch like James Hoelle ’21 or engage in cutting-edge cancer research like Julian Grundler ’18. Through this unique program, you’ll work side by side with expert faculty on original research, present it to an audience of scholars at a professional conference, and possibly even publish your findings in a scientific journal before you graduate.

Society of Physics Students This internationally recognized scholarly organization is popular among students across the sciences who are interested in engineering and adjacent fields. The Rollins chapter of SPS provides plenty of volunteer opportunities, astronomy night meet-ups, academic enrichment, and networking opportunities.

Pre-engineering student working on building a microscope from scratch.
Rollins College students enjoying lunch by the Lakeside pool.

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