Master of Liberal Studies

Promising flexible schedules and significant cost and time savings, the accelerated Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) program allows qualified Rollins seniors to simultaneously earn undergraduate and graduate credits toward a master’s degree in liberal studies from the College’s Hamilton Holt School.

By continuing your graduate studies at Rollins, you’ll continue to reap the benefits of the College’s signature personalized learning environment, opportunities for hands-on experience, and the expertise of the best professors in the South.

MLS students investigate and debate ideas in philosophy, history, art, literature, religion, and politics, emerging from the program prepared to tackle any problem in any field both creatively and critically. You’ll develop skills in communication, problem solving, research, and persuasion that set you up for success in a rapidly evolving job market that demands adaptable thinkers with a broad knowledge base.

While gaining numerous practical benefits—fine-tuning of soft skills, competitive advantage in the marketplace, expanded professional network—students in the accelerated MLS program can save up to one year of time and $8,000 in tuition and other costs. The program is available to both College of Liberal Arts and Hamilton Holt School students entering their senior year and is a part- or full-time option for all majors who have not yet completed all of their electives.

Philosophy professor Thomas Cook engages in class discussion with MLS students.

Master of Liberal Studies

Jump-start your career while saving time and money in Rollins’ accelerated Master of Liberal Arts program through the Hamilton Holt School.

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Expert Faculty

The Rollins MLS program is taught by award-winning faculty who are thought leaders from across departments and catalysts for insight and intellectual growth.

Rollins College Hamilton Holt School

1000 Holt Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789

Telephone: 407.646.2037

  • Pedro Bernal

    Pedro Bernal, PhD

    Professor of Chemistry

    Research interests: Physical and general chemistry, and the philosophy of science

  • Tom Cook

    Tom Cook, PhD

    Professor of Philosophy

    Research interests: History of philosophy, philosophy of mind, and metaphysical issues such as the nature of self and human freedom

  • Todd French

    Todd French, PhD

    Associate Professor of Religion
    Director, Master of Liberal Studies Program

    Research interests: Church history, social theory, Syriac hagiography, and the history of western cultures

  • Susan Libby

    Susan Libby, PhD

    Professor of Art History

    Research interests: European and American art and theory from the 18th to 20th centuries

  • Jana Mathews

    Jana Mathews, PhD

    Professor; Co-Director, Pre-Law Advising

    Research interests: Medieval British literature and culture, law and literature, medieval manuscript studies, middle Scots literature, early modern British literature, and theories of subjectivity, kingship, authorship, and authority

  • Leslie Kemp Poole

    Leslie Kemp Poole, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

    Research interests: Environmental history, women environmentalists, Florida environment and history, and American history

  • Alberto Prieto-Calixto

    Alberto Prieto-Calixto, PhD

    Professor of Spanish; Spanish Program Director

    Research interests: 16th- and 17th-century Hispanic literature, civilization and cultures of Hispanic countries, and Spanish film

  • Paul Reich

    Paul Reich, PhD


    Research interests: African American literature of the American west, 19th- and 20th-century American literature, composition, and business and technical writing