Master of Human Resources

Promising flexible schedules and significant cost and time savings, the accelerated Master of Human Resources (MHR) program allows qualified Rollins seniors to simultaneously earn undergraduate and graduate credits toward a master’s degree in human resources from the College’s Hamilton Holt School.

By continuing your graduate studies at Rollins, you’ll continue to reap the benefits of the College’s signature personalized learning environment, opportunities for hands-on experience, and the expertise of the best professors in the South.

Recognized by gold standards in the world of human resources like the Society for Human Resource Management, Rollins’ Master’s of Human Resources program equips students with a strategic-level perspective on HR issues. Faculty who are experts in the nuances of human dynamics and management work with you in an intimate learning environment, preparing you for highly marketable positions within communities, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

While gaining numerous practical benefits—competitive advantage in the marketplace, leadership development, higher earnings potential—students in the accelerated MHR program can save up to one year of time and $8,000 in tuition and other costs. The program is available to both College of Liberal Arts and Hamilton Holt School students entering their senior year and is a part- or full-time option for all majors who have not yet completed all of their electives.

Business professor consults with a student in class.

Master of Human Resources

Jump-start your career while saving time and money in Rollins’ accelerated Master of Human Resources program.

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Expert Faculty

MHR faculty are experts in the many nuances of human dynamics and management. Through one-on-one advising and intimate instruction in small classes, you’ll gain the multifaceted approach that creates strong HR leaders.

Rollins College Hamilton Holt School

1000 Holt Ave.
Winter Park, FL 32789

Telephone: 407-646-2037

  • Don Rogers

    Don Rogers, PhD

    Professor of Business Management; Director, Master of Human Resources

    Research interests: Strategic and international human resources management, business strategies, and HR analytics

  • Paul Harris

    Paul Harris, PhD

    Professor of Psychology

    Research interests: Group dynamics and social psychology

  • John Houston

    John Houston, PhD

    Professor of Psychology

    Research interests: Industrial/organizational psychology, group dynamics, experimental and statistical analysis, and social psychology

  • Timothy Pett

    Timothy Pett, PhD

    Professor of Business

    Research interests: Organizational behavior and high-performance organizations

  • Mary Ruth Houston, JD

    Adjunct Professor of Human Resources

    Research interests: Employment and labor law