Master of Arts in Teaching

Promising flexible schedules and significant cost and time savings, the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program allows qualified Rollins seniors to simultaneously earn undergraduate and graduate credits toward a master’s degree in teaching from the College’s Hamilton Holt School.

By continuing your graduate studies at Rollins, you’ll continue to reap the benefits of the College’s signature personalized learning environment, opportunities for hands-on experience, and the expertise of the best professors in the South.

Rollins’ MAT program enables passionate educators to earn their Florida Professional Teaching Certificate concurrently with their master’s so they’re ready to jump right into their own classroom upon graduation. In classes no larger than 12, you’ll receive personalized, cutting-edge instruction from mentors who prioritize your professional growth while also engaging in fieldwork everywhere from Florida to the Netherlands. Rollins’ long-standing connections with local schools offer a direct path to employment.

While gaining numerous practical benefits—competitive advantage in the marketplace, teacher certification, higher earnings potential—students in the accelerated MAT program can save up to one year of time and $8,000 in tuition and other costs. The program is available to both College of Liberal Arts and Hamilton Holt School students entering their senior year and is a part- or full-time option for all majors who have not yet completed all of their electives.

A master's of teaching student during his classroom internship at a local elementary school.

Master of Arts in Teaching

Jump-start your career while saving time and money in Rollins’ accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching program through the Hamilton Holt School.

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Expert Faculty

Our faculty are devoted educators themselves. With diverse backgrounds and connections, they offer MAT students the expertise and personalized attention needed to thrive both in grad school and in the classroom.

Rollins College Hamilton Holt School

1000 Holt Ave.
Winter Park, FL 32789

Telephone: 407.646.2037

  • Wendy Brandon

    Wendy Brandon, EdD

    Associate Professor of Education

    Research interests: Relationships between social class, race, and gender in school success and education, and equality in a global context.

  • Jenn Manak

    Jenn Manak, PhD

    Professor of Education, Reading Coordinator

    Research interests: The interconnected nature of reading and writing instruction, the impact of culturally responsive and inclusive pedagogies on diverse students’ literacy learning, and education in Latin America

  • Debra Wellman

    Debra Wellman, PhD

    Professor of Education, Emerita

    Research interests: Impact of field experiences on pre-service teachers, book clubs as models for discussion-based learning, and content-area instruction

  • Jie Yu

    Jie Yu, PhD

    Associate Professor of Education

    Research interests: Curriculum studies, narrative inquiry, phenomenology, and multicultural education

  • Jason Surian

    Jason Surian, PhD

    Assistant Professor

    Research interests: student identities in curricula materials, the influence of teacher behaviors and instructional approaches in developing peer acceptance and appreciation of student identities, and students' sense of belonging in the school community.