Find patterns. Predict relationships. Explain results. Make a difference. In our increasingly data-dense world, the need has never been greater for expert data analysts who can draw substantive conclusions to inform important decision making in everything from business to social justice.

Rollins is one of a handful of liberal arts colleges offering a minor in data analytics, where you’ll acquire the skills to lead in a competitive, information-driven economy. You’ll develop a knowledge of programming to acquire and manipulate data, harness statistical analysis to understand data relationships, and communicate your results to a broad array of audiences.

You’ll not only connect the “dots” of data points, but also examine patterns within larger frameworks and across disciplines. With finely tuned data analytics skills, scientists can test hypotheses, journalists can accurately depict trends, artists can enhance their expression with critical analysis, and political scientists can address complex societal problems.

Why Study Data Analytics at Rollins

  1. Competitive Edge

    From software engineers and biostatisticians to marketing managers and investigative journalists, data analysis skills are in high demand across industries. These are just a few professions in which the need for data analysts continues to outpace the supply.

  2. Future-Proof Foundation

    Society’s increasing reliance on discerning data patterns is spawning jobs that don’t even exist yet, and those jobs aren’t limited to technical fields. Through Rollins’ signature interdisciplinary approach, you’ll develop quantitative competence alongside the ability to draw connections across industries.

  3. Solving Social Problems

    Rollins encourages measuring, understanding, and reacting to large sets of data in order to address high-impact contemporary issues. Whether it’s public health, criminal justice, environmental sustainability, or social equity, the need for actionable data analysis is acute.

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Expert Faculty

Professors in everything from computer science and business to mathematics and economics bring a unique perspective to the study and application of data analytics. Faculty engage students not only in quantitative data analysis, but in how to identify patterns and relationships in the data and interpret the data ethically across a variety of disciplines.

  • Donald Davison

    Donald Davison, PhD

    Professor of Political Science

    Research interests: Effects of race and religion on political behavior and reactions by majority populations to minority voting rights; causes of political and economic inequality; formal theory and methodology

  • Dan Myers

    Dan Myers, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Computer Science

    Research interests: Computer performance modeling and queuing theory; data analytics for community nonprofits and social innovation

  • Timothy Pett

    Timothy Pett, PhD

    Professor of Business

    Research interests: Small and medium-size businesses, entrepreneurship, knowledge and organizational learning, and family business

  • Zeynep Teymuroglu

    Zeynep Teymuroglu, PhD

    Associate Professor of Mathematics

    Research interests: Mathematical biology, mathematical modeling, financial mathematics, and mathematics for social justice

  • Martina Vidovic

    Martina Vidovic, PhD

    Associate Professor of Economics

    Research interests: Applied microeconomics, applied econometrics, environmental economics with an emphasis on the effectiveness of voluntary pollution-reduction programs, and health economics