Cultural Anthropology

As American society becomes increasingly multicultural, a globalized workforce demands intercultural competence. The cultural anthropology minor at Rollins explores the nature of culture in different settings and historical time periods, helping you better understand diversity.

You’ll examine human behavior across cultures, focusing on cross-cultural similarities and differences in areas such as kinship, politics, economics, religion, youth culture, globalization, and gender. Rigorous coursework draws on professors’ expertise in Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, Africa, and Asia.

Expert Faculty

Department of Anthropology

Cornell Hall – Room 110
1000 Holt Ave. – 2721
Winter Park, FL 32789

Telephone: 407.646.2670

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  • Rachel Newcomb

    Rachel Newcomb, PhD

    Professor of Anthropology

    Research interests: Cultural and applied/public anthropology, Middle East and North Africa, gender, Islam, globalization, immigration, and food studies

  • Shan-Estelle Brown

    Shan-Estelle Brown, PhD

    Associate Professor of Anthropology

    Research interests: Medical anthropology, patient-provider relationship, health disparities, chronic illness, self-treatment, global health

  • Zack Gilmore

    Zack Gilmore, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology

    Research interests: Anthropological archaeology, pre-Columbian Florida and American Southeast, shell mounds, early pottery technology and exchange

  • Ashley Kistler

    Ashley Kistler, PhD

    Professor of Anthropology

    Research interests: Cultural, linguistic, and public anthropology, Mesoamerica, Maya culture, gender, cultural revitalization, identity, and immigration