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The American studies program is an interdisciplinary major and minor that educates you for responsible leadership and a productive career. Use multiple academic disciplines and perspectives to explore the complexity and diversity of this nation’s history, literature, and culture. Learn the role of ideas, discourse, and events in creating American culture. Examine the interplay of race, regional identity, politics, capitalism, globalization, and popular culture in developing an American identity.

Courses throughout the major and minor develop five key themes:

  • the drivers of social and cultural change in the United States;
  • notions of equality and inequality;
  • major divisions in U.S. society;
  • core and conflicting principles in American society and polity;
  • American exceptionalism and global perspectives.

Studying this major or minor will hone your critical thinking and writing skills, which are vital to success in a wide variety of careers. Overall, the courses in this program will help you become an informed citizen of both our nation and our world. Core program courses can include U.S. from 1877, Poverty and Social Welfare, State of Black America, History of American Sexuality, and American Constitutional Law.

Graduating with a major or minor in American studies positions you to embark on careers in business, law, medicine, philanthropy, and many other fields. The interdisciplinary nature of the American studies program embodies one of the strongest traditions of a liberal arts education, helping students develop a holistic, wide-ranging way of thinking and expression that is increasingly valued by graduate schools and employers.

Major and Minor Requirements

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