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News & Events

  • Andrew Luchner to join the Department of Psychology

    The Department of Psychology is pleased to announce that Dr. Andrew Luchner will be joining the department beginning in the Fall of 2013 as a new permanent member of the faculty. Dr. Luchner knows Rollins well; he was a Visiting … Continue reading

  • Rollins launches new neuroscience minor

    Beginning this fall, students can enroll in a new neuroscience minor offered by the College of Arts & Sciences. Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary investigation of the organization, development, and function of the nervous system, and its relationship to behavior, cognition, … Continue reading

  • Shrink Rap blog launched

    Numerologists, beware – the Department of Psychology has begun its online blog today, 12/12/12.  This blog will improve upon and replace the old Psychology Department newsletter, which was regularly emailed to majors, minors, and students of the department from 2008 … Continue reading

Did You Know?

Organ donation rates in France are close to 100% but in Britain and the U.S. are under 20%.  The key difference appears to be that in Britain and the U.S., drivers seeking a license must check a box to opt in to the organ donation program, whereas in France, drivers must check a box to opt out.