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 REM GPFF 2012

A feminist tells the story of 
what was, for her, the most
patriotic act she encountered
after 9/11, an act undertaken
by two close friends, a gay
male couple.

Directed by Dr. Lisa Tillmann,
Professor of CMC, and
David Dietz

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 Take a Stand Against Bullying




CMC S2013 Senior Class

CMC Class of 2013

Welcome to the Department of Critical Media and Cultural Studies, where we develop both critical consumers and critical producers of media and culture. Graduates of our department have gone on to law school and masters programs in areas such as communication, business administration, and advertising. Our alums are employed across the non-profit and corporate sectors, including positions in media and communications industries. 


This interdisciplinary major taps the expertise of nearly 40 Rollins faculty and 20 departments and programs. Critical Media and Cultural Studies develops skills essential for responsible participation in a free democratic society: critical thinking, written communication, oral communication, multicultural perspectives, and media literacy. Graduates will be prepared for employment in media and communications industries and/or graduate programs in media studies, cultural studies, and communication.

The major requires successful completion of four core courses, six electives, and a practicum. 

Core Courses:
CMC 100: Introduction to Media and Cultural Studies, CMC 200:  Researching Media and Culture, Critical Frameworks for Contemporary Culture (or Sociology Theory), and Senior Seminar and Research Practicum.

Elective Courses:
Some majors specialize in pre-defined areas of concentration: 1) International Media (sample courses include: Post-Colonial Film and Literature, Latin American Film) and 2) Power and Persuasion (sample courses include: Language and Power, Argumentation and Media-Manipulation, Persuasion Theory). Most of our majors build a specialized concentration (e.g., Gender, Body Image, and Media; Economics, Politics, and Media) in collaboration with their faculty advisors.

Students must complete at least ONE of the following: 1) an academic study-abroad experience, 2) a CMC-approved internship, 3) significant service to campus media.


Academic and Honors Awards S2014

Outstanding Senior Scholar Awards

The four divisions of the College annually select students for
Outstanding Senior Scholar Awards.
The recipients must demonstrate outstanding academic achievement
in the major field and in all other academic pursuits.

Critical Media and Cultural Studies 

The Outstanding Critical Media & Cultural Studies Award

Recognizes academic excellence in Critical Media and Cultural Studies as well as co-curricular and community involvement  Sarah Bishop 

Film Studies 
Outstanding Film Minor
Somar Lanh 

Congratulations to our CMC Work Study Staff!

The Marie Curie Research Award
Awarded for outstanding research on behalf of girls and women.
Danae Zimmer

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Feel free to stop by anytime. Our office hours are 9:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m., and we are located on the second floor of the 170 W. Fairbanks building (we're number 69 on the campus map).

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August 25 - First Day of Class

August 25-29 - Add/Drop Schedule Changes

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RCC F2013

Book Cover

CMC Associate Professor and Chair, Denise Cummings, Ph.D., Publishes Seeing Red, Hollywood's Pixeled Skins American Indians and Film

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Anita Cox

Rollins' Anita Cox (CMC Major) will be one of three Tars seniors honored before their women's soccer match Saturday night against Florida Southern.  (Gary W. Green, Orlando Sentinel) (October 26, 2012)


Love Your Shorts 

Amanda Hampton ' 12 (far right) joins up with Cameron Greeley '12, Cass Yankala '12, and Associate Professor of Critical Media and Cultural Studies Denise Cummings for a post-festival celebration.