Department of Education

The Department of Education is committed to the preparation of outstanding teachers who are firmly grounded in the liberal arts tradition and have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to excel as educators in schools around the world.

Head of the Class

Students use a combination of coursework and field experiences to prepare them for a career in education. 

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Education at Rollins

Through our courses and field experiences, we utilize a constructivist way of thinking which begins with the prior knowledge of the learner and proceeds to guide students to link their already existing knowledge, skills, and attitudes with new learning. As a result, instead of teachers telling students what they need to know, students construct new meaning in every class by connecting already existing knowledge to new information.

By developing a number of collaborative relationships with other departments on campus, we are able to offer outstanding coursework outside the major. For example, Elementary Education majors and Secondary Education minors are encouraged to enroll in MAT 107, Math for Teachers. This course meets a state-wide math requirement and is focused on preparing students to teach math with more confidence as educators. We also have collaborative relationships with other departments, including biology, physics, psychology, and music. Our program provides teacher preparation in a liberal arts context.

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Department of Education
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