Winter With the Writers

Carl Hiaasen

Best-selling author of Star Island, Nature Girl, Tourist Season, and Skinny Dip


Carl Hiaasen: Reading, On-Stage Interview, and Signing

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Winter With the Writers welcomed Carl Hiaasen to Rollins on February 2, 2012.

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Bestselling novelist and journalist Carl Hiaasen is among South Florida's most vital natural resources. He writes in a comic style Hiaasenesque that combines thrilling plot lines, blunder-prone schemes, headstrong men and women, corrupt politicians, and a loving nod to the natural landscape of South Florida. And that's just his journalism. His fiction slightly more outrageous, but just has earned him praise as one of America's finest satirical novelists, and has sold millions. The New York Times writes that, "the arrival of each of his new novels makes the world a slightly happier place."

In his books and keynotes, Carl Hiaasen shows you his America: absurd, seedy and oddly beautiful. He shares almost unbelievable stories about the sleaze, the quirkiness and, yes, the perseverance that underlie life in South Florida. In the tradition of the best satirists, his scathing critiques are wrapped in relatable humor and ring true with insight into the desperation, the audacity, and the hope intrinsic to human nature. After hearing Hiaasen simultaneously declaim on the state of the nation, while highlighting the good that nevertheless shines through, you'll see why Dave Barry calls him "a relentlessly sane voice in a hurricane of hypocrisy, hokum and hype."

Carl Hiaasen's bestselling novels include Star Island, Nature Girl, Tourist Season, and Skinny Dip, which was just optioned for film by Mike Nichols (The Graduate). He also writes a column, and is an investigative journalist, for The Miami Herald; for his non-fiction work, he has earned three Pulitzer Prize nominations. For being an all-around interesting guy, he was profiled on 60 Minutes. Hiaasen is also the author of two novels for young readers, Flush and Hoot, which was awarded a Newbery Honor. His latest book, 2010's Star Island, is a humorous look at the cult of celebrity.