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Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources

Immediate Mental Health Crisis Resources:

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Self-Help Apps:

Telehealth Therapy: Sign up and pay for confidential sessions with a Licensed Counselor


Financial Wellness during Covid-19:

Phone/Internet Bills:


  • CVS Pharmacy Prescription Support: Will deliver prescribed medications to customers for free to ensure those most vulnerable to the disease don’t have to venture out.
  • Aetna Prescription Support: Will waive early refill limits on 30-day prescriptions for medicines typically needed to address chronic conditions like hypertension and asthma.
  • Uber Eats Delivery Fees Waived: Will be waiving delivery fees for more than 100,000 independent restaurants in the U.S.

Credit Cards/Student Loans:

  • Goldman Sachs, AMEX, and Capital One: Providing interest payment relief for credit card holders. 
  • ComEd, Duke Energy, FirstEnergy and PSE&G :Offer energy bill assistance programs which may allow you to defer payments until a later date.
  • Student Loans: The federal government is automatically waiving interest on federal student loans for the foreseeable future. The Department of Education clarified that this does not mean that payments will be reduced, but rather that the entire payment will go toward a borrower’s principal balance.

For Student Populations

Students of Color:

First Generation Graduates:

International Students:

LGBTQ+ Community:

  • Validation Station: Daily validation for individuals who are in less-than validating environments 
  • The Trevor Project: (features info on how COVID-19 may specifically impact LGBTQ+ youth and important resources)

Mental Health Crisis Resources:

Substance Misuse Resources

Community Resources:

CAPS offers sessions, education, and resources for students who need assistance with substance misuse, recovery, and/or sobriety. Our services are anonymous and available to any current Rollins Student. To make an appointment with CAPS or to speak to someone about these resources, call or click here for our online appointment request. 

Recovery/Sober Resources:

Outreach Programs: 

For substance use outreach, prevention and education, CAPS offers four modules (Alcohol 101, Cannabis 101, Alcohol & Cannabis 101, Generation RX 101) to be presented to any clubs, organizations, classes, or students who may need an educational presentation. For more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact April at or Tatiana at

Screening Tools:

Reading Materials: