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Rollins Wellbeing

As a strategic partner with Rollins' leadership, the Rollins Wellbeing Committee’s mission is dedicated to promote and create a healthy campus community in which to live, learn, teach, work, and visit.


The Rollins Wellbeing Committee works to develop and administer an ongoing series of wellbeing-oriented workshops, events, and education intended to foster dialogue, interaction, education. Our goal is to deliver programs to the Rollins faculty and staff members based on the following 6 Dimensions of Wellbeing.

  1. Physical - Recognizing the need for physical activity, healthy foods, and sleep.
  2. Emotional - Coping effectively with life and creating satisfying relationships.
  3. Financial - Satisfaction with current and future financial situations.
  4. Social - Developing a sense of connection, belonging, and a well-developed support system.
  5. Intellectual - Recognizing creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills.
  6. Environmental - Good health by occupying pleasant, stimulating environments that support wellbeing.