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Department of Business

Student Success

International Business

Paul Beuttenmuller ’2010

Market & Brand Positioning Specialist at The Boeing Company


"Rollins International Business Program gave me the confidence to know that I could succeed in any career setting. The school’s commitment to practical, stimulating projects immediately transferred into my daily work at Boeing and positioned me to bring a creative perspective to the business that senior leaders appreciated."

Raphael Arndt ’2017

Junior Associate at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)


"Participating in the dual degree program, I was able to gain two degrees in two countries. After going to business school in Germany, Rollins was a great way to expand my way of thinking with its liberal arts approach. Being able to shine analytically and creatively made me stand out to land my dream job." 

Whitney Coulter ’2008

Social Media Analyst, Apple


"Rollins’ International Business program equipped me as well rounded thought leader in my field. Their discussion-based classes built my confidence in business leadership, and I was encouraged to explore my professional passions under the thoughtful guidance of world-class professors while being consistently challenged to excel by my cohort."

Victoria Lynde ’2016

YouTube Campaign Specialist (Via Nelson) at Google


"My degree in International Business from Rollins provided a strong foundation in business acumen, global awareness, and professional development that was instrumental in securing a role as a YouTube Campaign Specialist at Google within months of graduating. The department’s emphasis on diverse curriculum and career preparedness encouraged me to intern and study abroad, engage in extracurriculars, and grow intellectually. Choosing a major is an incredibly important decision one makes while in college and I couldn’t be happier with my experience as an INB major."


Business Management

Elizabeth Patz '2016

Solutions Strategy Analyst, Cerner Corporation

"What I found most beneficial to my career was the emphasis on case studies and real-world examples. In my current role as a solution strategy analyst, I am constantly thrown into scenarios without all of the information with the goal of improving the outcome. Rollins helped me think critically about issues with the mindset that with investigation, the root cause can be identified, and a plan of action can be determined to obtain an optimal outcome."

Tom Troiano '2016

Aftermarket Sales Manager, Textron Aviation

“The Department of Business at Rollins College surrounds you with Professors that have established themselves professionally and creates a culture of entrepreneurship. This enables the recent graduate to confidently delve into various industries and find success.”

Cortlandt Dunn '2016

Senior Associate Analyst, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group

 “The experiential learning environment provided by the Rollins Business Program fostered skills that gave me a unique advantage in the workplace. Entering the workforce with the ability to synthesize complex information, apply research methodologies, and communicate solutions to leadership teams positioned me to excel within a Fortune 100 company."

Kyle Koszuta '2016

Innovation Experience Designer, Florida Hospital Innovation Lab

"Often times, finding a college that builds bridges to your future can be challenging. Rollins helped to construct that for me. They helped provide me an incredible internship opportunity to work at the Florida Hospital Innovation Lab, which expanded into a full-time position after I graduated."