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From internships to the International Business Club, learn how to get the most out of your time in the International Business program.

Learn about the exciting opportunities International Business has to offer.

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Learn about the exciting opportunities International Business has to offer.

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INB majors are required to complete an internship (INB 397). INB majors may satisfy this requirement by (a) participating in a Rollins International Internship program (e.g., London, Spain, Costa Rica, China, Australia), (b) engaging in a summer internship abroad while completing the INB 397 course; or (c) engaging in a local internship while completing the INB 397 courses, as well as completing a reflection paper on some aspect of international business.  Students register for internships through the Center for Career and Life Planning.


International Business has three exciting concentrations: Family Business and Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Marketing.  By completing 3 or more courses in one of these specific areas, INB majors may count this as a concentration.  Concentrations are subject to Department Director approval.

Honors in the Major

Students must be registered in INB 498 for the Fall semester and INB 499 for the Spring semester to be eligible for honors in International Business.
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INB Club

The Rollins International Business Club (INB Club) is a student-run organization, enhancing the understanding of issues related to international business and promoting international career opportunities among members of the Rollins community.
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