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International Business Program

Learn more about the International Business major and minor as well as the 3/2 Accelerated Management programs.
International Business is a degree where a comprehensive, high-level education at a top-ranked college is crucial.

Key To Success

International Business is a degree where a comprehensive, high-level education at a top-ranked college is crucial.

International Business Programs at Rollins

The Business Department at Rollins College offers a major in International Business (INB), a minor in International Business, a minor in Sustainable Development (in cooperation with Environmental Studies), and preparation for the 3-2 Accelerated Management Program (in cooperation with the Crummer Graduate School of Business).

International Business Major & Minor

Rollins College International Business Majors develop broad global and strategic perspectives on business issues rather than narrow functional perspectives. International business majors become much more aware of the global scope of business activity and of the economic, social, and political consequences of functioning in a world economy. Majors in international business will have the opportunity to learn how to analyze international business organizations, learn practical knowledge and skills sufficient to create and sustain business organizations including corporations, small business, social agencies, government agencies, non-profits, labor unions, and cooperatives.

International Business Major Courses | Degree Planner
International Business Minor Courses | Degree Planner

International Business offers concentrations in 3 different subject areas:

  • Family Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Marketing
Each concentration requires 1 core course and 3 additional courses. Students must be in good standing with the college and carry the requisite GPA for their major. All prerequisites must be satisfied for students to take courses or students must get instructor approval.
Honors in the Major Field
College honors programs are designed to facilitate academic challenges and growth opportunities for exceptionally motivated students. International Business offers Honors in the Major Field which provides for independent research or special study during the senior year under the supervision of a three-member committee in the student's major. To be eligible for Honors in the Major Field, students must:
  • achieve a minimum overall GPA of 'C+' (2.33) for all courses at Rollins,
  • achieve a minimum overall GPA of 'B+' (3.33) for all courses taken in the major at Rollins, and
  • receive the endorsement of the committee for participation in the program.
Satisfactory performance on an approved thesis or individual project, an oral examination, and maintenance of the above averages qualifies a student for Honors in the Major Field, which is shown on the student's official academic transcript.

3/2 Accelerated Management Program

The 3/2 Accelerated Management Program (AMP) combines a four-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree and a two-year Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree into a five-year program.
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