Space Request

The Campus Facility Planning Committee accepts requests from Academic Deans and Administrative Department Heads for departments that need additional space or wish to reallocate space they are already using.

Each request requires the approval of the appropriate Vice President. Please complete this request, which will be sent to the Chair of the Committee (Pat Schoknecht). Requests must be received at least one week prior to a committee meeting for consideration at that meeting.

If this request will require any physical alterations to the space, please follow the procedures for Room Renovations/Alterations and not these procedures.

Some requests for space reallocation may be entirely internal (e.g. office moves), but still requires notification of this committee because the move requires the resources of other campus units. Even if no other resources are needed, the committee will communicate the changes to other campus units enabling all databases to be properly updated.

The Committee requests that an individual with knowledge of the request attend the meeting when the request is discussed to answer any questions that the committee may have. Other departments that utilize the space being discussed will be given the opportunity to also attend the meeting to discuss how the project may impact their use of the space.

A complete proposal must be submitted to the committee at least one month prior to the requested move. Please direct any questions to Pat Schoknecht, 407-646-2700.

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