Department of Theatre & Dance


Crew positions are open to any student at Rollins, and provide the opportunity to earn course credit while developing practical experience in the theater.

Credit and Experience

Credit and Experience

Earn course credit while gaining skills in carpentry, sewing, electrics, and audio engineering.

Crews provide students with practical production experience in various areas including carpentry, costuming, painting, props, electrics, running crews, stage management, audio and projections. Theatre majors are required to complete at least four crew positions during their time at Rollins.

Through the “hands-on” practical application of production work, students will…

  1. Develop their skills in theatrical production, specifically those related to their crew assignment.
  2. Develop critical and creative thinking skills.
  3. Enhance their understanding of the various aspects of technical theatre and how they relate to each other in the development of a theatrical production.
  4. Crew Heads develop communication and leadership skills necessary for advancement to design positions.

Crew Heads are accepting a position of significant responsibility and commit to acting as peer leaders for their specific crew assignment. Crew Heads must have production experience or approval from a faculty or staff member. Crew Heads are expected to attend all production meetings, both sessions of load-in and load-out, and all dress and technical rehearsals.

General Crew Positions do not require any previous experience working on any backstage crew.

            Scenic & Properties Carpentry Crew (shop crew)
            Scenic & Props Running Crew
            Scenic Paint Crew (shop crew)
            Costume Studio Crew (shop crew)
            Costume & Makeup Running Crew
            Electrics Crew (shop crew)
            Light Board Programmer/Operator (running crew)
            Follow Spot Operator (running crew)
            Audio Deck Technician (running crew)