Teacher Talk Tuesday

Upcoming Fall Dates

TEACHER TALK TUESDAYS meet from 12:30-1:50 in the Faculty Dining Room in the Cornell Campus Center

5    Faculty choose books that will be used for Book Club this year.  
12  Topic: Enhancing Student Motivation (chapter 8)
19  Guest speaker Ena Heller, Director of the Cornell Fine Arts Museum will be discussing Visual Learning (chapter 23)
26  P2P - Rachel Lilienthal, Topic: The Rollins College Image Database (meets in Bieberbach-Reed)

3    Preserving academic integrity (chapter 10) 
10  No Teacher Talk Tuesday; President called a meeting with faculty and staff
17  No Teacher Talk Tuesday; Fall Break
24  Leading effective discussions (chapter 13) and preventing and responding to classroom incivility (chapter 9)
31  P2P - Dana Hargrove, Topic: Blended learning for graphic design and the Arts (meets in Faculty Club)

   Managing Productive Groups (chapter 15)
8    P2P Josh Almond (meets in Faculty Club)
14  Community Engagement Workshop (chapter 14)
21  Inquiry-Based Learning (chapters 16-19)
28  Building Critical Thinking into course design (chapter 3)

   CIE (Curriculum & Instructor Evaluation) scores, what do they mean? (chapter 28)
12  Let's talk about our first semester (if you are NOT giving a final exam at this time!)  New faculty only! (Review part 1, chapters 1-7)  What will you do differently next semester?

* Some first-year faculty will be reading "Teaching is BEST" by Linda B. Nilson.  The chapters in parenthesis are for first year faculty who are using this book.  If other faculty would like a copy of the chapter that goes witht the Tuesday lunch-time discussion, please contact Deb Wellman.


Spring 2018 Events posted soon!

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