Professor to Professor [P2P]

Upcoming Fall Dates

September 26 - Rachel Lilienthal, Topic: The Rollins College Image Database
Originally designed for use in the foreign language classroom, the Rollins College Imag Database is a resource that can be used in all disciplines.  This P2P will show faculty how to store student-generated images for future use by Rollins community members and ho to search the database for images that may enhance instruction.  Following the discussion of the database will be an interactive demonstration of classroom activities that use images.

October 31 - Dana Hargrove, Topic: Blended learning for graphic design and the Arts
Dana Hargrove presents on her FITI Grant project which aims to flip her art and graphic design instruction through the instructional videos posted to her WordPress site, allowing her to use classroom time to mentor her students and guide their application of the basic skills, techniques, and processes.  She has created and edited her own video tutorials as well as utilizing the abundant resources available through Olin Library.

November 8 - Josh Almond, FormZ: Digital Design, Print, and Fabrication
Josh Almond presents on his FITI Grant.  Have you ever wondered how objects are designed and printed using the computer?  Do you have some designs but don't know where to go to have them printed or milled?  In this presentation, Professor Josh Almond will introduce Form Z, the college's three-dimensional digital modeling tool, and talk about how it can be used in conjunction with 3D printing and CNC milling.  He will talk briefly about how the program works, what some of its strengths and weaknesses are, and how it might be applied to your courses, as well as how to output the designs using a 3D printer or CNC milling machine.

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