Calendar of Events

Fall 2017

5    Faculty chosen books that will be used for Book Club this year.  
12  Topic: Enhancing Student Motivation (chapter 8)
15  Academic Writing Day
19  Guest speaker Ena Heller, Director of the Cornell Fine Arts Museum will be discussing Visual Learning (chapter 23)
26  P2P - Rachel Lilienthal, Topic: The Rollins College Image Database (meets in Bieberbach-Reed)

3    Preserving Academic Integrity (chapter 10) 
10  No Teacher Talk Tuesday; President called a meeting with faculty and staff
17  No Teacher Talk Tuesday; Fall Break
24  Leading effective discussions (chapter 13) and preventing and responding to classroom incivility (chapter 9)
31  P2P - Dana Hargrove, Topic: Blended learning for graphic design and the Arts (meets in Faculty Club)

7    Managing Productive Groups (chapter 15)
8    P2P Josh Almond (meets in Faculty Club)
14  Community Engagement Workshop (chapter 14)
21  Inquiry-Based Learning (chapters 16-19)
28  Building Critical Thinking into course design (chapter 3)

5   CIE (Curriculum & Instructor Evaluation) scores, what do they mean? (chapter 28)
12 Let's talk about our first semester (if you are NOT giving a final exam at this time!)  New faculty only! (Review part 1, chapters 1-7)  What will you do differently next semester?

Spring 2018 Events posted soon!

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