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What’s life like at Rollins College? Get an unfiltered look inside the Rollins experience from those who know it best: your future classmates.

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Your New Basecamp

No overflowing lecture halls here. Thanks to small classes that average just 17 students, you not only have a seat at the table—you help shape the direction of your education. Go behind the scenes of a Rollins classroom with chemistry major Caroline Rosendahl.

Lay of the land

Take a stroll down Park Avenue—the cosmopolitan promenade of chic shopping and to-die-for dining that extends directly from campus—with communication studies major Katie Schwartz.

Off the beaten path

Hands-on learning programs help Rollins students sharpen their knowledge and skills against the stone of real-world experience. Go behind the scenes of an in-class trip to SeaWorld with marine biology major Sam Wall. The excursion is part of an intersession course that explores the ecology, biology, and conservation of marine animals.

Choose your own adventure

Through Rollins’ innovative interdisciplinary curriculum, students grow into creative and independent thinkers who are prepared to tackle problems in our backyard and around the world. Here, Rachel Wasserman, a communication studies and philosophy double major, explores social justice issues during the Pilgrimage to Gandhi’s India field study.

Gear up

Rollins’ Immersion experiences allow you to dive deep in challenges facing communities around the world. Explore a recent weeklong alternative spring break in the Bahamas with Casey Taranella, a social entrepreneurship and business major.

At Rollins, education is built on a human scale. Students and professors work side by side on everything from published research projects to life-changing field studies. Computer science professor Dan Myers and Sam Sadeh, a computer science major and social entrepreneurship minor, recently partnered on a coding project that earned funding from Google’s igniteCS initiative. Here, Sam shows you the proceeds of that student-faculty collaboration.