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As a campus known for its beauty, we are reminded how precious our natural environment is and how privileged we are to be faithful stewards of that environment. The College's mission statement attests to the values of global citizenship and responsible leadership, which further includes dedication to "cultural enrichment, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship."

Academic Sustainability at Rollins

Sustainability has been an active cornerstone of the curriculum since 1986 when the first Sustainable Development class was taught. This class evolved into a Sustainable Development Minor in 1999.  Along with the Environmental Studies major, these programs have seen a continued growth in students interest and declaration of the Environmental Major and Minor and the Sustainable Development Minor.

Departmental and Organizational Sustainability at Rollins

Students began in 1999 to oversee the campus' recycling program which is still active to this date and has renamed itself the Sustainability Program. Under the 'umbrella' of this program, students collaborate with campus departments and student organizations through recycling, fair trade, a campus bicycle program and various events along with policy revisions to make environmental and sustainable changes on campus.

Facilities Management has been working to reduce energy consumption, water usage and many other initiatives for the past 15 years.  Their work, along with changes in purchasing policies and dining services, have been significant in the efforts to become a greener, more sustainable campus.


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Sustainability Program
Rollins College
Laura Gustafson-Hullinger, Program Coordinator
1000 Holt Avenue - 2753
T. 407.646.2392