Guiding Questions & Themes

This year’s sessions at the Summit are intended to help advance an understanding of Crossing Borders through lived experiences, dialogue, relevant data, research, and ideas. Session workshops, panels, and programs will be highly participatory and encourage learning, interaction, connections, and strategic action. The themes and guiding questions include:

Cultivating Knowledge and Advocacy

  • What are the lived experiences among students, faculty, and staff around global mobility at Rollins?
  • How can we ensure that every person on the Rollins campus develops an understanding of the complexities and opportunities related to borders, the movements of people, ideas, goods, etc. across borders, and the increasing need for cooperation across borders on issues like climate change, poverty, disease etc.?
  • How can we ensure that every person on the Rollins campus develops an informed perspective of the national discussion around immigration and refugees to the United States?

Support on Campus

  • What structures are needed to support the engagement and success of immigrant, third-culture, DACA, refugee, and other underrepresented groups on our campus?
  • How can we best support students returning from study abroad—both in terms of their transition back to Rollins and in regard to their continued intercultural knowledge and development?
  • How can we ensure that every person on the Rollins campus develops empathy and understanding about the issues surrounding global mobility?

Integration of Globalization into the Curriculum and Co-Curriculum

  • How do we provide on-going faculty and staff development around intercultural competence and internationalization?
  • How do we engage the classroom in difficult dialogues around issues such as immigration and global mobility?
  • What can we learn from successful pedagogical models and research taking place on our campus?


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