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Student Affairs

Division Learning Assessment Task Group

The Learning Assessment Task Group, made up of individuals appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs, serves as a standing committee within the Division of Student Affairs.  Members of the committee collectively work to create and coordinate learning assessment initiatives with the Division.  Committee membership includes staff from a variety of departments within the Division, representing the VPSA alignment areas of Care, Community, and Career.  Specific ongoing functions for this committee include to:

  • Promote a culture within the Division of Student Affairs that empowers staff in each department to utilize assessment and evaluation practices in the development, execution, and refinement of programs and services and to incorporate data in strategic planning and decision-making processes;
  • Maintain an annual calendar to coordinate and streamline departmental learning assessment efforts;
  • Provide training opportunities that maximize staff members’ capacity concerning assessment and evaluation practices;
  • Review departmental assessment plans and provide feedback to improve quality and effectiveness; and
  • Identify and implement strategies to widely communicate assessment and evaluation data throughout the Division and across the College so that faculty, staff, and students can recognize how the Division supports the mission of the College.

Learning Assessment Task Group Members

  • Co-Chair: Norah Pérez – Director of Experiential Learning, Center for Career & Life Planning
  • Co-Chair: Giselda Beaudin – Director, International Programs
  • Trish Moser – Director of Special Projects, Vice President of Student Affairs’ Office
  • Destinee Lott – Assistant Director, Center for Inclusion & Campus Involvement
  • Maeghan Rempala – Director, Community Standards & Responsibility
  • Whitney Horton – Director, Accessibility Services
  • Browyn Holder - Assistant Director, Fraternity & Sorority Life