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Division Learning Outcomes

Growth & Engagement

Rollins College VPSA Competency Rubrics – Complete Document

Career Preparation
- Set Educational and Professional Goals
- Evaluate Professional Strengths and Challenge Areas
- Articulate Transferable Skill Attainment

- Select Information
- Select Language 
- Deliver a Message

Critical Thinking
- Explain Issues
Provide Evidence to Investigate a Point of View or Conclusion
- Form a Position (Perspective, Thesis/Hypothesis)
- Draw Conclusions and Evaluate Related Outcomes (Implications and Consequences)

Problem Solving
- Define a Problem
- Identify Realistic Strategies/Solutions
- Implement Solution
- Evaluate Outcomes

- Facilitate the Contributions and Relationships of Team Members
- Make Individual Contributions Outside of Team Meetings
- Foster a Constructive Team Climate
- Effectively Participate in Conflict Resolution

Care & Holistic Wellbeing

Rollins College VPSA Competency Rubrics – Complete Document

 Ethical Reasoning
- Articulate ethical values
- Evaluate different ethical perspectives/concepts
- Discuss ethical issues

Healthy Behaviors
- Understand personal wellness
- Make healthy decisions
- Act as a responsible bystander

Personal Development
- Build self-awareness
- Empathize with others
- Demonstrate emotional maturity

Spiritual Wellness
- Understand diversity of worldviews
- Solidify one's own spiritual narrative
- Approach diversity with openness

Advocacy & Inclusion

Rollins College VPSA Competency Rubrics – Complete Document

Community Engagement
- Value diversity of communities and cultures
- Make connections between new knowledge and community experiences
- Understand civic identity and commitment
- Complete community action and reflection

Intercultural Knowledge and Competence
- Develop awareness of own and other cultures
- Gain knowledge about culture(s)
- Engage and empathize with multiple worldviews
- Act with open-mindedness towards other cultures

Social Justice
- Conceptualize power and privilege
- Recognize the difference in experiences of other identities
- Take action toward creating a more just and equitable environment