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Annual Assessment Timeline


Late-May - Early June:

     > VPSA Retreat to include an assessment update/workgroup sessions; departments should
         bring/have their annual data with them.
     > Departments should be having their final, assessment overview meeting to go over results,
         analyze the data, talk through changes, and make plans for next year.


     > June 15th: DOL and VPSA Assessment Due:DOL is due via the rShare Portal (this includes
         both DOL data for 16-17 AY and your plan for the upcoming year). Submit VPSA learning
         outcome assessment results via the Student Affairs Blackboard Site.
     > June or July: Internal deadline for departments to report their AES data up to their
         alignment. Check with your alignment for specific date! AES includes:
        - Programming
        - Attendance
        - Student usage numbers
        - Etc.

     > Throughout June: Assessment One-on-Ones - If you want support from the Division
         Learning Assessment Task Group, there will be an opportunity to sign-up for individual
         appointments with Task Group members. 


     > July 20th: Final VPSA End of the Year (EOY) / Board of Trustees Reports due; use learning
         outcome data for the Assessment Sections. Alignments report out on these, so internal
         departmental deadline may be earlier. Check with your alignment for specific date!
         Reminder this includes:
         - Annual Report Template
         - Three Year Snapshot


> August 1st: Alignment AES Reports and goals due. AES is due via the Argos portal.
> August 1st: Submit a departmental learning outcome plan for the upcoming academic year
        to Division Learning Assessment Task Group via the Student Affairs Blackboard Site.   
        - Review upcoming signature programs/services/initiatives that provide medium to long-term,
          high contact with students.
        - Consider the competencies and learning outcomes that your department will assess and report
          on in order to evaluate for the future development, execution, and refinement of programs and services.

Remember as a division we’ll be re-assessing Career Preparation – Articulate Transferable Skill
Attainment and then one learning outcome of your choice from the Social Justice Rubric. One of your learning outcomes should overlap as alignment as well. Target amount: 2-4 learning outcomes.
        - Plan for how your department will assess the learning outcomes. Consider what tools will be used, what data will be collected, and what the timeline for data collection will be.


Implement programs and collect assessment data per your Department Learning Outcomes Planning Worksheets


     > Fall Board of Trustees Meeting


Implement programs and collect assessment data per your Department Learning Outcomes Planning Worksheets


     > Winter Board of Trustees Meeting


     > Analyze assessment data in order to report student growth
     > Spring Board of Trustees Meeting