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Telling 'R' Story

Telling 'R' Story

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I’m honored to work with Student Affairs colleagues who are passionate about helping students thrive in synergistic experiences. At Rollins, we are devoted to engaging with academic and community partners to offer students high impact pedagogical practices that both challenge and support students in and outside of the classroom.  

As our work with students and faculty deepens, a staff-led Division of Student Affairs Learning Outcomes Assessment team has developed comprehensive division-wide learning outcomes and competency rubrics, based upon AAC&U’s LEAP Learning Outcomes and our own Student Affairs mission and values, to assess our programs and experiential student learning. In an era of increased accountability for the value of higher education, this model provides a powerful vehicle for data-driven demonstration of divisional impact on student learning. Our Learning Outcomes Assessment team has developed from a desire to advance common student-learning outcomes and promote a culture within the Division of Student Affairs that empowers us to utilize centralized assessment and evaluation practices.  

At Rollins, we are deeply committed to student learning and assessment. It is inspiring to be a part of a campus where we boldly embrace a twenty-first century liberal arts education focused on helping students gain a sense of personal and social responsibility along with the intellectual, practical and problem-solving skills that are needed most in the complex and interconnected world in which we live.  

Fiat Lux,  

Mamta Motwani Accapadi, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs  

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