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QuikPAY Online Billing & Payment System

Your guide to QuikPAY, an electronic billing and payment system that Rollins students and parents use to view and pay their Rollins bills online.

How to Access QuikPAY


Students access QuikPAY by logging into FoxLink. In FoxLink, select the "Student" tab and "Billing and Financial Aid" from the drop down menu and then select QuikPAY Online Billing & Payment System. 
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Authorized Payers

Authorized Payers access QuikPAY via QuikPAY Authorized Payer Login page.
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Guest Payers

Guest Payers access QuikPAY via QuikPAY Guest Payer page.
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How to Use QuikPAY

  • Menu options are listed on the left-hand side of the screen in QuikPAY.
  • Select User Preferences to update e-mail addresses and notification preferences. A secondary e-mail address can be entered for notification when monthly statements are available. Under this option, you may also choose to receive an e-mail payment confirmation or an e-mail notification when an authorized payer makes a payment.
  • Select Payment Profiles to enter credit card and banking information for electronic check payments. These profiles will be stored, so you do not have to enter the information each time you make a payment.
  • Select Authorize Payers to create an account for parents, grandparents, or anyone who will be responsible for paying on your account. You will need to communicate user Login Name and Password to the individual in order for that person to access your account online through the Authorized Payer link. Access QuikPAY Authorized Payer page.
  • Select View Accounts to review your monthly statement. You will be able to obtain this statement in printable format by clicking on the PDF option at the top left corner of the statement. You will also be able to view past statements via this option.
  • Select Make Payment to submit an online payment to your account.
  • Select Payment History to review payments made to your account via QuikPAY.
  • Select Contact Us in the top right-hand corner or call 407-646-2252 if you need assistance.
  • Log off is located in the top right-hand corner. Your FoxLink session will remain active while you are in the QuikPAY site and will reappear on your screen when you log off QuikPAY.
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