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Student Account Services

FoxPay is Live!

FoxPay has replaced QuikPAY effective May 1!

We are excited to announce that FoxPay has become the new billing and payment system used by Rollins. Student Account Services solicited feedback from various stakeholders including students, parents, faculty, and staff to deliver the best possible experience in the College’s next billing and payment platform.

FoxPay has a variety of new benefits including:

  • Integrated billing and flexible monthly payment plans in one system
  • Live balance information including pending financial aid
  • Complete transaction history of a student’s billing account broken down by term
  • Additional payment options including international payments
  • Streamlined and modern user interface

We've included additional information below about the transition to FoxPay to assist with questions from our community. Please connect with us at or 407.646.2252 if you need assistance.

How will students access FoxPay starting on May 1?
Students will access FoxPay by visiting or through FoxLink in the same method that they previously accessed QuikPAY. For instructions, please visit our website.

How will parents access FoxPay starting on May 1?
Parents and others users will access FoxPay by visiting Students must access FoxPay through FoxLink and will not be able to sign in at this website.

I’m a parent and was an authorized payer for my student in QuikPAY. Will my information transfer to FoxPay?
Yes! Most QuikPAY authorized payers will have their information migrated to FoxPay. You will receive an email from us beginning May 1 requesting that you finalize your account registration to view your student’s FoxPay account. Some users will need to create new accounts in FoxPay if their information was not able to be migrated.

I was on a payment plan through Nelnet Campus Commerce/TMS. Will I continue to use them for payment plans?
No. FoxPay has replaced the payment plan options through Nelnet (the College’s third-party payment plan vendor). You will complete all future enrollments for payment plans through FoxPay which has live, up-to-date balance information to assist in setting up your plan. Nelnet payment plans will conclude on May 15 which is when the final payment for existing payment plans is due. Please make your final May payment with Nelnet.

Where do I get a history of my billing activity at Rollins?
FoxPay will include a complete history of all billing activity on a student’s account. Students may also print a “Financial Transcript” from FoxLink which is the official document of record of student billing activity. While individual billing statements will not migrate to FoxPay, Student Account Services is happy to assist in any billing inquires or provide an itemized statement for the current term.