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Strategic Planning

Why do strategic planning?

The Rollins community undertakes planning for three principle reasons.

First, to strengthen the integrity of our mission. Rollins is one of our nation’s fine liberal arts colleges, but we can always ask, should always ask, what might we do differently to realize more fully our core educational mission with distinction?  

Second,  to strengthen our market position so that we might secure and enhance the financial resources that enable us to discharge our mission. There is no question that our approach to liberal education is both costly and valuable. To sustain this model that we cherish requires that we occupy an increasingly strong position in a fiercely competitive market. Thus, while being mission-driven we will also be market-savvy, mindful of our collective fiduciary responsibility to steward the viability of Rollins as an enterprise with a long legacy and future that is fraught with risk and rich with opportunity.

Third, to engage the Rollins community in a process of strategic planning to build a strong sense of shared vision and purpose, to create a community of collaboration with a clear sense of direction, and to use our shared understanding of our mission and our market as the basis for our plans.

- President Grant Cornwell, August 2016